Thursday, 23 February 2012

Stay strong

You have decided to lose weight. You have started eating healthier and now you want exercises to do at home. You discover there are no easy workouts at home without going through the great expense of obtaining dumbbells and gym equipment. Defeat sets in and you immediately lose your will to continue this "health" thing. FEAR NOT!!!

Start off with a bit of Cardio for 10 minutes. Jump, run a little, know...the stuff that makes you breathless and sweaty.

Then take two cans of tin food or soup in cans. Do as much of each of these arms exercises (with a can in each hand) as you humanly can:

Work out your legs (if your knees permit it) by doing as much of these squats and lunges as possible. 


Now the tummy and hips. When you are done, lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat. Place your neck on your chest. Straighten your arms to your knees. Roll your shoulders forward and back.  Stop when your stomach starts quivering. Stand up and touch your toes. Sit down and touch your toes. All these must be done, as always, as much as possible.

There!!! Follow this routine with 10 minutes of stretching.  Every day do more and more and you will see results very quickly.

If all else fails, dance!!!