Sunday, 26 February 2012

What Fat People Fear

Every diet and exercise has it pitfalls. 
There is a trade off where you get something but have to give something else up in order to get it. Some diets, like the Atkins diet give you lots of meat, but very little else.  For most diets you have to give up sugar, the three fats (mono saturated fat, trans fat and  polyunsaturated fat) and a lot of carbs in order to lose weight. You start craving what your body does not have. Why? because your body needs a little of everything. This is no excuse to go out and buy a Burger. Your body needs the good, healthy stuff  with minerals, nutrients and vitamins.
The pitfalls with exercise is that you think you can eat normally, because your are exercising. That is not the case. You need to burn all the fat you have gained over the years, not just the little bit you ate a few hours ago. You can not burn fat and eat a lot or eat unhealthy.  You can not break down the wall bit by bit, if you keep filling the gaps with Putty. 
The next pitfall is people starving themselves because once they exercise they think they are gaining weight. You are not getting fat, you are building muscle which weighs more. 
Once most people become thin, they fall for the biggest pitfall of them all: The old life. They assume that now that they have lost all the weight they gained, they can go back to eating big fatty meals and not exercise just like in the "good old days".  The fact is you can not.  That does not mean that you have to stay on a diet forever. 
The good news is that once you have lost weight, your focus is on weight maintenance not weight loss.
You can eat whatever you want, but make sure the majority is healthy and that you work off whatever you ate. 
You also don't have to exercise every day. You can exercise three times a week if you want. 
I know that is what scares fat people the most and is the main factor why they don't lose weight sooner. 
They fear that they have to stay on a strict diet and exercise regime forever, because if they don't, they will become fat again. All that hard work and sacrifice for nothing. As I can testify, it is not like that. Losing weight is not hard work, you don't have to be on a strict diet forever and exercise can be something you enjoy like swimming or dancing. You don't have to become a gym fanatic unless you enjoy it. 
To lose weight and to keep it off all you needs is smaller portions, healthy food (because that burns off quicker than fatty food), lots of H2O and any form of exercise you enjoy. Some sleep and meditation goes a long way too. Early bed times won't make your brain confuse tiredness for hunger and meditation has proved to be excellent for weight loss because of its stress reducing and appetite reducing properties. 
Face your fears with courage, and reap the rewards.