Thursday, 1 March 2012

Every Mom's wish

As I was standing in the bathroom this morning, I noticed my wrinkly, saggy knees and thought to myself..."that's new". It got me thinking about my 20's and how perfect I was back then. I thought I felt pretty good about myself back then...until I remember being just as judgmental about some aspects of my body as I am now. Watching myself in the mirror now compared to's the same little criticisms, just the focus has changed to different parts of my body. Yes, I was skinny back then too, but did I really appreciate my flawless, stretch-mark free skin and good knees? Nope. I focuses on the things I didn't like about myself... as always!  

Every mom I know of wants to look like she did back in "the day", whenever that was? The time she felt most confident and beautiful.
Seriously? Compared to that single, young woman, the life experience and the inner strength we have now, as mothers, is unparalleled.  The skills and the wisdom we have gained from men, kids and work can not be traded in a million years.
We all wish we could have that body but with our brains now.

The truth is, we can in a way. Sure we have a few more wrinkles, bits going south and the road maps formerly known as stretch marks, but we have a shot at that illusive confidence and inner peace. 

We can have a skinny figure, and rather than focus on the negatives, focus on the positives about ourselves and wear clothes that accentuate them. Why? because now we have brains. We know things like:
1) No one knows our flaws until we point them out. 
2) We can be intriguing and seductive with just a little peek-a-boo at the good places.
3) "Sexy" is a state of mind!!! 

It is the illusion of a 20 year old's body by the brains of a PRO!!

Go for it...