Friday, 2 March 2012

Healthy food is...

Many people think healthy food is only fruit, vegetables and salmon. I'd rather breast feed a crocodile than eat that every day of my life. 
Healthy food is anything home cooked with no preservatives or additives. A hamburger patty fried in Grape seed oil, served on a bun with lettuce, tomato and onion is healthy.  Even bacon and eggs are healthy if prepared with the right oil. Sure grilling is better than frying, but everything in moderation is better than nothing, in my book.

PS: Only those with something to gain will tell you differently. And BOY!! don't they just. Every day a new study comes out telling us bread is bad for us, then it is milk, then it is eggs and so it goes on. Until a new study finds new evidence that it actually contains some Latin name I can't spell, that is good for some biological name in our bodies, that I can't read. 
The packaging you buy your food from in the store is toxic to your body. The gravies, sauces and preserves are laced with agents to extend shelf life. Fruit and vegetables still carry traces of pesticides and meats have all sorts of growth hormones.
Take out places cook in unhealthy oils and fats that gets re-used several times a day, with food that is pre-sliced, diced and cut. Which, coincidentally, is left standing for several hours before it sometimes gets used. Even the air we breathe is contaminated. Not breaking news I know, but my point is everything is killing us according to those who stand to gain, so why not live while we can for as long as we can.
The key is simple, make anything you want out of fresh ingredients with the best meat, etc. that you can afford. I don't know about you but "organic" and "free range" in my country are two very expensive words!! 
Laugh a lot, eat well enough and do some sweating to keep the Grim Reaper... grim?