Sunday, 4 March 2012

Youth - overrated!!!

I was at a get together with friends today. My friend's mother was there and things got put into perspective. She didn't want to go on holiday with the group of friends, because she thought she was "intruding" with us youngsters... "US youngsters" are all over 40, except for me, of course. 

What I tried to tell her was that we all feel EXACTLY the way she does...tired and old!! We go to bed before "youngsters" go out partying. Not just because we don't have to be out there "proving" something to anyone anymore and to meet the "one", but because we WANT to and because we CAN. We did all that "night club" crap and now that we have the "one", we can go to bed whenever, even at 8pm. Even 20 year old people are tired most of the time, but we are parents, and we can not let our children see how exhausted we are. We have to show them that we are not done, we are not over the hill and therefore they can not slip things by us and expect to get away with it. 
We need to put up this "front" for our kids so they know we are still in control. When you are a grandparent you don't need to show anyone who the boss is. When you are a parent, things are different.

That is why exercise is so important. You need energy for kids. You need to lead by example. You have to let them know that you are wayyyiiiii stronger than they are, so if they dare take you on, you can put them in their place. Dominate. Just like in the animal kingdom. Just a growl and they know you mean business. Should they test the boundaries you can floor them with no effort at all. They should be aware of your stamina, energy and resilience. That is why we work hard, exercise, stay up later than them and play with them. 

That granny was not intruding, she was joining a bunch of people on holiday that does not have the luxury she has. We all feel the same. Some of us just can not show it....YET!!!! 

Some of us...we never grow up!!!