Tuesday, 6 March 2012

C'est la vie

As most people pronounce it: "Se La Vie", meaning That's life. I like to use this expression ( maybe a little too much at times).
It is so applicable to most things that happen in life, especially my philosophy of "everything in moderation". Like tonight, we had Nachos for dinner. Even though it was all homemade from fresh ingredients, it's not exactly what I will call "healthy". But it was good and in moderation!!! I took a picture so that I know what I have to work off tonight.

That is life. You have to have some good experiences, good food, good times and even good hair days and then some bad of them too. To deprive yourself everyday will eventually make you feel like this:

So have a little this and a little that. In the end you have one life. You live, you die. C'est La Vie... make the most of it.