Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Time is going by so fast!!!! Every day we have is a gift. We can use each day to make excuses or we can use each day to live to the full. I'm not implying you should go sky diving or bungee jumping. Just live well and maintain the balance. Every day you can work hard, eat right, dance your stress away, show your kids affection and be kind to your lover. How?  Don't let you husband meet him. (just kidding). 
dance dancer dancers dancing dances cat cats kitty animal animals

Today you can cut down on sugar. Tomorrow... do the same and eat something home made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives and additives. The day after all the above and dance to music.  These things are a start. One day is all you need to undo a lifetime of hurt. One day is all you need to undo a lifetime of damage. Because before you know it,  that ONE day had turned into a week, then a month and then a year.  ONE year from now you can be a completely different person in a completely different body. 
By the way life is flashing past us, one year is going to feel like a matter of weeks. 

So, love the stars. Cook healthy meals for you and your family for dinner. Make time to enjoy your family after a hard day's work and then dance yourself happy and thin before you go to bed. About 30 minutes dancing out of a WHOLE day is not impossible.