Thursday, 8 March 2012


The year barely started and already people are so stressed out about work, school and life in general. Some people are getting sick and others are taking holidays. People like me, well...we carry on.  

If you broke and you know it...don't get sick! My advise? Healthy food, some time out for yourself every night and best of all... some nice R&R with friends. It is the Best prevention for a cold. A healthy mind and healthy body takes you a long way. 

So start making changes now. Don't wait for Spring or another New Year's Eve to make changes. Take some time for yourself tonight. Get your family to start respecting your time alone. Use that time to do any form of exercise you know of. Then have do a facial with egg whites or mashed pumpkin and have a nice bath. When you are done end it off with a good night's rest. 

Otherwise you will end up looking like Joan Rivers!!!