Sunday, 11 March 2012


Sundays are normally hectic days. These days I plan my meals for the week, pre-prepare some of them, do laundry, do a spot of cleaning, check homework and then end it off with dancing.
It sounds hectic, but I love food and I love to cook, so it is not that bad. Also precooking some foods like Rice and Pasta, cuts my cooking time during the week in half, which means I have more time at my disposal.
The cleaning and laundry goes by quickly, since I live in South Africa. Always plenty of sun and not very dusty, because we get plenty of rain almost every night.

Someday I would love to have a Sunday where I do absolutely nothing. Rest as it was intended, but that is a luxury I can not afford. Instead, I take small breaks during the year, a weekend away here and holiday there. That is my rest time. The added bonus is that I get to explore this beautiful country I live in. April we going to the Kruger National Park and surrounding areas. Go on a safari and see the Big 5 in the wild, cave exploring, see amazing waterfalls and places like God's Window and Bourke Luck's Potholes.

June we go to the Drakensburg Mountian. Live up in the snow and do some proper mountain hiking. 

September/ October is West Coast. There you can do whale watching, see the magnificent spring flowers growing in the wild for miles and miles. There are plenty of nature reserves, the wine route, Table Mountain and the small towns rich in culture and history.
December as always is the South Coast. The beach, the sun and the fun.
Four reasons to stay thin, but also four reason to stay healthy. Till then...I will work hard and have a little fun at home.