Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tom Cruise or is it Bruise?

In this world so obsessed with the superficial it's no surprise that very few people in Hollywood die of  good old fashioned natural causes any more. It's overdoses on multiple substances, complications during or after surgery and organ failure arising from years of drug abuse.
Whether it's recreational or prescription, drugs are the common denominator in the majority of these deaths. I guess it beats lying there dying of nothing for no apparent reason.

If it weren't for them we won't have Plastic Surgeons in Africa or good dental plans either. However, when did we lose our imaginations, creativity and will to really just live?

Prime example...At the 2012 Academy awards one man looked like a young boy again. I almost felt like a pervert until I realized it was actually the 50 year old Tom Cruise. Scientology must really be working out for him?! Looks like more than just his face was bruised to have all that work done.

They should get back to basics. No drugs, no medical intervention. Just good old exercise and small portions. That's what us poor plebs are doing!!! We have no personal trainers, home delivered meals, personal shoppers, full-time child minders, housekeepers, etc. We go to work, take kids to and from their activities, cook, clean, help with homework, do laundry, pack lunch boxes, exercise, shower and then still try to be 70's porn stars for our spouses occasionally.
We do this with no drugs, even though we have every reason to use this miracle pill...