Friday, 16 March 2012

Ultimate Weight Loss Motivation

Are you ready for it? Here it is:

You don't need anything to happen to lose weight! 

If you need a life changing diagnosis, a picture of your fat belly bouncing on You Tube, people asking you if you are pregnant (when you are NOT) or that horrible event to happen, before you finally decide to lose weight...then you will not lose weight any time soon. You will wait for that "trigger" that finally changes the whole game plan. That one moment in time when you become so fed up with everything that you instantly drop that chocolate and run barging into a gym.
Two things will happen:
1) you will blow it off and wait for next, bigger and better "trigger". How can you change and disrupt your life when times are bad, when you can not do it when life is good?

2) You decide to lose weight and get to meet Murphy: The one time you actually give it a go, life inevitably gets in the way and the effort is just too great. You stop dieting and pick up weight faster than you can say Ninja Balls.


I've been many times. In school, after having babies, every Spring when I need to shed the weight I picked up during winter and everything in between. Sure! I lost weight for that function, the beach holiday and that important event, but do I keep it off? Nooooooooo.
And that my dear readers is why you should not wait for that Oprah moment. The Ah-HA moment that kicks you into gear!! You will try and fail. Before you know it, you will be fat again.

How do you get to the point where you want to lose weight? How do you get yourself motivated without something drastically triggering your will power into action?
1) Decide TODAY, RIGHT NOW to live longer and look younger instead of on being "skinny" and "diet". Lose those "bad" words out of your vocabulary for good. It's about a lifestyle not a passing fad.  Drop the pressure and the hype of weight loss and you will relax more about food and your body. Nothing is forbidden, but everything is in moderation. You can live with that,  can't you?
2) Start making little changes. Cut down (not cut out) salt and sugar, start walking, add frozen vegetables and healthy greens into you meals. Drink vitamins and lots of water. Even if it is only once a day. That's not hard? That's not SACRIFICE!!! Little changes added daily will give you drastic results, but you won't feel it. It won't hurt your time. It will not affect your lifestyle. If you are going to eat, might as well eat healthier than normal. You will feel great and those "good, right and happy" feelings will inspire you to do better.
3) Do not expect results overnight. Who wants that anyway? We are not on a time limited money back guarantee offer. We are changing our lifestyle. We don't need to rush anything.
4) Keep it simple. You don't have to change your lifestyle to suit healthy food and exercise. You can get food and exercise to suit your lifestyle instead.
5) Live your life and live it well. You only get one chance. Start making a difference today.