Monday, 19 March 2012


For the first time in human history, most parents will outlive their kids because of obesity!!!  Not war, not famine, but FAT! We can balance work and homes, our budgets and juggle numerous activities, but for the life of Mary we can not balance meals or exercise???
There are so many diets out there and each one claims to be the miracle cure that's fast, easy and painless. They act like we have a skin rash.  Apply twice a day and the Genie will come out and make you look 20 years lighter.
As I have tried and tested most of them, let me share some of my thoughts around these diets.

Since the early 1900's there have been adverts for soaps, rolling pins, girdles and Trilene (a basic appetite suppressant). Problem was that people's body temperature went up and people died from dehydration and fever.  Then over the years the following diets came:
1) The Zone Diet - a fancy name for low Carb diet. Your body needs Carbs to support lean muscle tissue and brain function. No Carbs in your diet sends your body into Ketosis. You produce high Acetone levels and smell like you are decomposing.
2) Astrology Diet - eat right for your Star Sign? Not scientifically proven and mostly low fat and high Protein based. It will make you wish you were never born!
3) Veganism - I'm South African. Steak is cheap and meat is a staple food in this country.  Great if you like B12 injections!!!
4) The Blood type diet - also not scientifically proven and can not be sustained for long periods. Your body eventually craves the things you are NOT allowed to eat.
5) The Cookie Diet - this Cookie consists of food proteins and Amino acids which suppresses your appetite. And Guess what? It comes with an eating plan which incorporates lots of fruits, grains and vegetables. So you lose weight because you eat right, not because of the "Cookie".
6) Liquids Diets, Diet Shakes and Soup Diets: You don't lose fat. You lose water and muscle tissue. Your poo is like water and your limbs like Jello. You pick up weight the minute you go onto solids. Just like new borns~!!!
7) South Beach Diet - You basically divide your plate into 3 sections. One small one for protein, one big one for Vegetables and Fruit and another for something else...I can't remember, because it's essentially a balanced meal worked out for you that you have to shop for, pre-plan, prepare and spend lots of money on. Too much effort!!!
8) Atkins Diet - The company went bankrupt in 2005. Need I say more????
9) Suzanne Summers Diet & Weight Watchers Diet - Just like any other diet in the book. You have to eat right and work out.
10) Raw Food diet - fruit and vegetables in their natural state, straight out of the ground and nothing cooked. Sounds good, sounds so natural and so healthy. Fabulous that you eat "Super Foods" like raw honey, raw chocolate beans and Goji berries but it's not balanced.  Our bodies needs animal proteins and fats too.

So there's my 2 cents for what it's worth. No diet can be done forever and you pick up weight the minute you go off it. The only thing that can be done is eat right regardless, work out and do not overeat (that's what water and gum is for).

In the mean time, if you want my support...