Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Diet Pills, Appetite suppressors, Combination Drug therapy, Natural Diet Pills, Diet Supplements. (nice words?)
Yep, tried some of them too. You want to know the truth? Whether they are "All Natural" or not, they all contain pretty harmful stuff.
The diet pill industry grosses about Fifty Five Million United States Dollars a year (USD$ 55, 000, 000-00). I typed that in the loooong format so it can really hit home! And that's just the portion of sales we know of. They promise weight loss with no exercise, no fuss and no guarantees.  

  • Diet pills contain words like Caffeine, Guarana, Ma Huang and Ephedrine to name a few.  These effect your heart rhythm, blood pressure, sleep pattern and brain function. Most "natural" diet pills contain Caffeine and Ephedra, which can cause small little things like STROKES, BLEEDING ON THE BRAIN and SEIZURES... no big deal. OH! and they are available over the counter. 
  • You then get the Fat Blockers. Before you go: "Great where can I find some" know this...they come with eating plans and have been responsible for the body not absorbing vitamins essential to your body. In fact if you like leaky stools, "wet" farts and bloating go for it. 
  • Metabolism Boosters are great fun. True story:  they cause nausea, increase your heart rate and blood circulation, can cause heart palpitations, strokes and yep..you guessed it...heart attacks (aka death's door). So much fun!!
  • Every one of these "methods" still tell you to "combine with" eating right and exercise for "maximum" results. In the end, you lose weight,  because you ate right and exercised (wow). The diet pill or shake just added energy, which..FYI.. you get when you exercise as well. Some foods even boost your energy levels like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, carbohydrates, water and coffee. 
  • Combination drug therapy is exactly that: a combination of appetite suppressors, metabolism boosters and fat blockers, overseen by a qualified doctor (Ka-ching), and you have to go for monthly checkups, join a gym and follow a eating plan. Very top secret scientific stuff!
  • Finally we have the Green teas, Herbal teas, etc. that "cleanses" and detoxes your body. I am guilty of drinking teas for "constipation" to help my weight loss. Honestly, apart from feeling like you have taken the "Morning After Pill" (whilst going through PMS and giving birth) the day after having slept with a Giant, is not fun. In moderation (once or twice a week) you literally poo yourself thin, but if you overdo it, you can  damage your colon and suffer from dehydration. 
Something to think about.