Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I have gone viral, but not in a good way. Even though my friend, Maggie, and I eat healthy and exercise, we both got colds. So with our runny noses, headaches and smoker's coughs we look like a sight with sore eyes. All the overweight women whose idea of a healthy diet is one McDonald's burger (instead of 2) and a DIET Coke, are perfectly fine. Go figure!

It's not that we hung out with booger trolls, that touched us.  Unfortunately viral infections and viruses are spread through the air as well. Once they get into you nose, it's pretty much down hill from there. 
Also, the fact that we have officially started Autumn is also a big factor. During the day it's beautiful and warm, but after sunset it gets very cool. There is also a lot more wind and rain this time of year. That means moist conditions with a lot of wind pollination. Ah! Speak of the devil...just started raining. 

One consolation, healthier people get over colds and flue quicker, because of their immune systems. Just have a few more doses of Vitamin C and Zinc. Exercise in moderation and the normal healthy foods should be continued. Yep, we should be fine in a few days....if not, we will have to wear this FOREVER!!!