Thursday, 22 March 2012

Healthy Eating vs Eating Right

If like me tonight, you one day find yourself gearing up for a Fundraiser, which is at a popular Steak House Restaurant, here are a few tips. Step 1 is to drink lots of milk before you go. Step 2 will be to order a starter as a main meal. Step 3 is to drink a full glass of water before you eat. This is where healthy eating vs eating right clashes.

You see, Restaurant food is not considered eating healthy. Even their salads are drenched in oil or dressing.
The contents of said salads also have questionable freshness. So order something cooked anyway. Healthy went out the door when you stepped in, honey. Go wild with choice!!!

What you will be doing is eating right, as you will be having a smaller portion than if you ordered a big main meal. Even better if the starter portions are huge, because you will have leftovers for lunch the next day (water does that to you). Chew slowly and enjoy every bite. Also make sure the food is really fine before swallowing as this will help digestion.
Put your fork down while you are chewing. When your mouth is empty, reload the fork with a medium bite and fill her up!! FYI - people will think you have impeccable table manners!!

When you feel that you are no longer hungry (but not yet full to capacity), put your utensils down and step away from the plate!!! The biggest mistake people make is overeat. Do not eat just because you can't resist the taste or because you can not bare to "waste" food.  Savour the taste while you are hungry and leave some for the next day. That way you can relive the whole experience again! It's called a doggy bag, because dogs always save their bone (albeit in a dirty hole) for another time ...(who knew!!)
 Finally, as they say: You eat with your eyes, so best you squint.