Monday, 26 March 2012

INSPIRING DIETERS - Got to love them!

Stuff me with cream and call me a Twinky!!! Just yesterday I was with my friends: Paul, Bruce and their lovely ladies. All of them were dieting and exercising. This to me was so inspirational, I ate fruit all day!! I love couples who do the hard stuff together and make it look so easy. Blew me away!! 

I always say if you don't know where to start with healthy eating, follow a reputable diet plan. It is a great start to learning healthy eating habits. Whatever you do, don't make my mistake and leave them to go back to your old ways once you have lost weight? That's when your double chin comes back with a vengeance and your ass takes revenge on all the suffering it had to do. Keep the "good" parts of the diet, stick to the basic plan you learned and eat other things in moderation to prevent weight gain.... AGAIN. Always keep exercising, even if it's walking or dancing. My friends are doing things right and pretty soon they will look as great as they feel.

All diets work if you dedicate yourself to them. All you have to lose is weight, in the end and the little bit of effort your put in now will be rewarded in time.

If you don't like diets, keep this in mind: In the end it's all about smaller portions, healthier foods, lots of water, exercise and low carbs. Sounds simple enough, but it is not.

It's a Science!