Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Weight loss, diet, exercise, health, fitness...They all sound boring and so time consuming, don't they? On your bucket list these will be the last on the list of 10 000 things to do before you die. So why do it? Reason number One, Uno,  един, Jedan, Een, Yksi, Eine and En is:  Looks. 
You look great, you feel great. You look young and healthy and the world thinks you have the stuff that legends are made of! Job opportunities, social events and your sex life definitely have better outcomes.

Fat people can only do so much at work, because others won't consider you "productive" and therefore not give you the same opportunities (and salary benefits to boot). What the hell...I was just too damn lazy anyway.
At parties you can not dance and stand around chatting for long periods of time. Even if you did you would look pretty awkward being the "social butterfly" that actually looks like a butterfly in that over-sized frock. So people expect you to just sit there and look hungry. Guess that is why I never got that many invites to parties?
The most frustrating part of being fat is the bedroom! Having the lights on not to mention Exotic sexual positions are totally out of the question when your back, knees and hips are killing you already. So it's the quick slap and tickle in the dark doing same boring position, knowing your partner is picturing The Queen Mother rather than you!!!
People don't think that fat people know this stuff, but they do. They pay attention more than other's realize and the truth doesn't suck...The truth Bites!! Hard!!

The only resolve is weight loss, diet, exercise, health, fitness...that stuff. Quality of life is not easy. However it does not take sacrifice and hard work. It takes self control, lots of movement and a willing to change some habits.
How crazy easy is that right???

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