Monday, 2 April 2012


Bunnies, eggs, ducks, chickens...chocolate covered candy centered conductors to HEAVEN!! Yep, it's Easter. Inevitable this time of year someone with a sweet tooth (like me) goes all Terminator on all the different kind of sweets and chocolates there are. Regrettably that also leads to weight gain. A lot of weight gain.

My slender figure is slowly losing shape as my midriff is filling out where a slinky waist used to be (and that just after this weekend?!). I pick up weight by just looking at food...doesn't that suck?
But, if you are on the same situation, do not despair. The cure is simple water and exercise. During the week be good and eat healthy. Drink lots of water before anything is eaten and cut all portions in half. There will be dancing, singing and lots of movement as a form of exercise. By this weekend all the weight would have been lost.

Then you can go ape again on Easter Weekend and do the same next week. It's about living people. Life is too short to count calories, GI content, Kilojoules and all the rest. Especially this time of year.