Tuesday, 3 April 2012


You can strive for a perfect body, looks, job and all the rest but inevitably some other imperfections crops up.
Only a delusional lunatic thinks someone else is perfect. A coo-coo narcissist thinks he is perfect. Bottom line, if you don't want to be categorized in the above two descriptions, stop trying to be perfect.

Make peace with the flaws you can do nothing about and change the ones you can. If weight is your biggest issue, stop trying to lose weight for the wrong reasons. The minute losing weight stops being about you, results are quicker and longer lasting.
It's not about looking like a movie star. It's not about how your partner "perceives" you or your own insecurities compared to others. Lose weight to live longer and look younger.

If you pick up a few LB's here and there, go through the emotions, but get over it. After all, you are not competing against someone or trying to please someone else. You are living the life that suits you. A life where you call the shots but do the right thing in order to live longer and look younger.
The sooner you start doing something about it, the better. No one is perfect. Life is too short to not live in the absolute truth of who you are. You are not prefect, but you are living your one life well.
 Focus on your diet/ lifestyle/ eating plan, but try everything in moderation. A little piece of happiness is better than any day filled with self punishment. Don't be too hard on yourself. Go ahead! Have a piece of cake. But just one and don't feel guilty about it .
Diet, exercise, pray, laugh and play. Have fun with your healthy food you eat. Let the choice of exercise you pick be something you actually enjoy. Let losing weight be something that fits into your life and be something that makes you happy.
I know I sound perfectly delusional when I say this, but choosing a lifestyle where partly healthy eating and fun exercise is part of your daily routine, leads to a perfectly happy, individual life.