Wednesday, 4 April 2012


These are words we see every day. If it's not on your PC,  it's on a mobile device I'd like to call spellphone.
People literally go into trances when they are on their mobile cellular phones. A spell is cast upon them rendering them completely retarded.
But that's besides the point. Getting back to my topic...
Upgrade and update is not just applicable to electronic devices. If you are on a diet and exercise regime, think about upgrading and updating them too. Add more healthy options to what you eat. Then kick up your exercise routine a notch or two. Do something that will shock your body out of the routine. If you are not on any form of healthy lifestyle or exercise routine, diet and exercise will totally be a shock to your system!!
Either way when you upgrade or update anything in your life, results are guaranteed.

It's not just your brain that retains memories, your body does too. Muscle memory is the biggest reason why people stop losing weight after a while. Upgrading and updating your diet & exercise regime shakes things up a bit. In the mean time you work on upgrading & updating the way you look as well. Two for one!!!