Thursday, 5 April 2012

You know you are growing old when you have household plants and they are not there to smoke. When day break is when you get up instead of come home. When you stop growing in length, but grow in the middle.
Everybody over the age of 35 starts looking for the fountain of youth. No exception here....
We watch what we eat, exercise, buy celebrity endorsed wrinkle creams and drink copious amounts of water. That is what all the experts tell us to do.
So why is it not freaking working? For many people, the older they get, the harder they find it to lose weight. When they do (by some miracle) lose weight their faces look all pounded in and wrinkled up. I am a great example of this. You know, someone actually asked me today if I was sick? Thanks for the concern, I am just thine (thin and fine!)
Losing weight is easy, but keeping the weight from be-creeping me from be-after is the problem.
Like many other countries, this weekend is a long weekend. By Tuesday when I get back to work, I will be at least another 3kg's heavier. One consolation when I lose it all again next week, I won't look sick but SIC!! Rather skinny that fat...way more advantages and pros.

Wrinkles is not something we can do anything about, but we can look after our bodies. The only way to look younger (and live longer) is by eating foods rich in Anti-oxidents like dark green leafy vegetables, dark coloured fruit like Blue Berries and Plums, and (wait for it...) drink lots of water. Yeah, not my thing either. We try but it's not something we can do every meal.
So, if you do find the fountain of youth, though, let me know? (and her...)