Thursday, 12 April 2012


All over the world there are people right now with huge weight loss success stories. Even my friends have had great success losing weight. They all tried different diets, work-outs and all the other weight loss techniques, but the one thing they have in common...their will to lose weight. 
They are more motivated than presidential candidates right before an election. It is showing big time!! They make me look fat again. 
The great things is, that they listened to others who had lost weight and now they are sharing their successes with those who want to do the same. It's like the circle of life here...which is ironic seeing that we are in Africa. 
Either way, it just goes to show that your story can also one day inspire and motivate someone that gets sent your way. Remember, the universe and all that from my previous blog posts?

Anyway, needless to say this once fatty patty is now motivated to firm up. It's Huge! Not good enough to be thin. Must get firm. No bulges, lumps or bumps for this wicked wacky w... never-mind.
First on the Callanetics.  Second...weight training...Third...stretching. Don't want overly muscular, bulky legs, do we? There we have it. Plan Easy into action.  

Best I get started. This flab is not going to come off by itself! 

FYI - You have a story to you stop envying others and get started on it as well.