Monday, 16 April 2012


If like me, you can not be bothered with diets and gyms after countless failed attempts at either, here's some good news.

You don't really need them. Every diet in the book is about smaller portions, exercise and bigger glasses of water. Exercise can be walking, dancing or even stripping (if you can get up a pole - let alone afford one)
All these high protein - low carb diets (also conveniently designed into small portions) are really just good for two things. Firstly, they help you eat the "right" foods. Secondly, they shock your body into weight loss motion.
Eating anything and everything in moderation, drinking lots of water, exercise, sleep and a healthy dose of some meditation does the exactly same as a diet and gym.

If you do go walking, jogging or dancing try it with tins cans in your hands, if you can not afford dumbbells.
Eat HALF your normal plate of food and keep the rest for later. Left over home cooked dinners can serve as tomorrow's lunch. They are healthier and save you a fortune! If you are still hungry, drink more water and chew gum. You get the same result - fullness. Also, it is not just about what you eat, but HOW you eat too. Drink water before you eat (I mean like a truck load!!!). Chew a lot while your knife and fork are set down on the plate. Once your food is very fine, swallow and reload your fork.
Eat smaller portions, but more frequently during the day. Do not eat after 6pm at the latest. To help achieve this, pre-cook healthy meals on a Sunday and merely warm them up during the week. Healthy meals is anything not drenched in fats, oil, butter, preservatives, additives or anything high in salt. Frozen vegetables, grilled meat and some rice or potato (aka starch - if your body can handle it) is actually a healthy meal. Do not buy "ready made" gravies or "just add water" sauces. Rather make your own using the vegetable water, the grilled meat extract left in the pan and some flour. Add fresh or ground spices to taste.
Except if you work night shift, exercising at night is not ideal, but if you have no other time to do it, make sure you do it after the kids have gone to bed or have gone out. You only need 45 minutes 3 times a week. More is better, but ultimately your weekends can be spent hassle free at the very least.  Follow that with some meditation to calm you and rest your ticking brain.
Sleep for at least 8 hours a night. No good ever came from going to bed after midnight!!

There you are. Even a lazy person like me lost weight. All other lazy people can too, they just have to want to.