Tuesday, 17 April 2012


So you have found the perfect diet. You are exercising, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and doing everything right. You even lost all the weight. Great!! Now what? 
Sadly, so many people lose the plot here. Stick to that diet. Keep exercising. When you have lost all the weight you wanted, use the diet/ eating plan as a basis for your daily meals from there on. Even if you have small portions of Pizza or chocolate as a snack, at least you ate something healthy that day (it burns off quicker than unhealthy food). The biggest rule is to exercise afterwards. Work off all the calories before it turns into fat. 
That is how you maintain your weight. Coincidentally that is also how you keep losing weight. Burn off the little you eat and stay hydrated. Quite simple really. 
It might sound like you are starving yourself, but you eat small meals on a regular basis during the day. Even better is to eat ONLY when you are really hungry! It doesn't matter if it's only 3 times a day. Some people have a slow metabolism and therefore can barely handle 3 meals. They say that eating 6 small meals a day increase your metabolism, but it doesn't. Trust me!!! My metabolism is as slow now as it was when I was 212 pounds and I have tried almost every diet out there!

Getting there is not hard. The hard part is when you think you don't need healthy meals & exercise and stop doing the right thing. In the end you are left right back where you started. Lose weight and KEEP your weight off to live longer and look younger. 

Keep at it. Change it up a little. Do what you feel will work within the parameters of your lifestyle. 
You can start any day, the end is always closer than you think.