Sunday, 22 April 2012


Everything we do has a consequence. What we put into our bodies and how we treat our bodies are directly linked to what becomes of our bodies. Ultimately that affects how we feel, look and how long we get to live.
Whatever spiritual belief you have, your Higher Power gave you only one life. Sadly, many people focus on this one good time rather than the bigger picture. In the end, their one short little life is wasted on a life time of self gratifying moments.

It is time to unchain your belief that nothing can be done to change the way you look and feel about your self.
What most people don't get is that even though that take-out or pastry tastes really good in the moment,  the most self gratifying experience is a healthy lifestyle. When you eat a Pizza, the moment does not last very long. When you eat healthy and exercise you feel great about yourself ALL the time. It is the same feeling men get when they have serviced their cars and they get it back all nice and shiny. They drive down the road and see all the other dirty cars, and they just act so much bigger and better than them.
Women spend a lot of time and money on those 'can not live without" prized possessions too. Whether it is your best shoes, kids or even your hobby, your prized possession is always in mint condition. When you get complimented on them, you feel amazing, right?.

Make your body, your most prized possession. Pamper it, nourish it with the good nutrients and vitamins it needs. Give it exercise to help keep it strong. You already do so much as it is, why not add this too.
You will feel great about what you are doing. You will feel great about yourself. You will look and feel better and better the longer you do it.
Start today. Take the step.
All you have to lose is... weight.