Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Humans. The only species with free will and choice. They can decide to be female or male (or both). They can choose what they want to eat or want to do at any given time. Animals follow their instincts and evolved characteristic true to their specific nature. We follow our need for instant self gratification to the detriment of the "pack" if we get in the mood. 
No wonder we always get stuck between a rock and ...you guess it! We have so many choices where it comes to food, diet, exercise and life in general. Sometimes those choices are hard to make because we fear the consequences or the impact it will have on our cushy lives. 
What to do...what to do??? 
Easy...everything in tiny portions called "moderation". 
If you are obese, you end up ostracized by everyone. You can't lose weight because your body is in too much physical agony to move and you have no energy any way to bother. You end up eating more and life gets worse from there.
If you are too thin, your health is questioned by everyone and you are presumed to be anorexic. You get ostracized because you are also "doing drugs" or something else as far as they are concerned. 
Whether you lose more weight or pick up weight, they will still make assumptions behind your back. Life gets worse from there. 
By being a normal weight, at least you will not go overboard and end up like them or this goat.

Eat healthy, diet or what ever you call it. The key is not to go overboard, because everything we eat and everything we drink is bad for us in large quantities. 
Too much of one thing and not enough of another can affect your health and your life. Balance is the key. 
A little healthy food and a little movement is all it takes from not being caught between a rock and a very unpleasant life experience. 
Trust me, I've been at both ends of the weight debate before. 
Stay away from obese and anorexic where it is safe.