Monday, 30 April 2012


Like you, many people are trying different things to lose weight. Despite eating healthy and exercising, they are also taking Chinese Teas, over the counter diet pills, laxatives, Salt Crystals and all sorts of slimmers drinks.
In the end they are dying of pain and still struggling to lose weight. The facts are simple. They overeat and then drink tonics which gives them the equivalent result of going through a very painful child birth. They spend hours on the toilet and then eat some more. They do the same exercises day after day and still expect something to change.
That is insane!! Of course they lose weight, but sadly they do not keep it off. After a while your body eventually gets used to the tonics and the effects wear off. Unfortunately, the chemicals and ingredients in most of these "all natural" products are anything but natural and you end up damaging your kidneys and liver. In a nut shell,  the effects of the tonic wear off, but the damage to your internal organs continue.
There is also a very damaging effect on your brain. When you eat healthy, exercise or do something right your brain releases Serotonin and Endorphins (a "feel good" chemical). By going through the very painful experience after having had a tonic, your brain releases chemicals to help counteract the pain. The cause and effect results in abnormal heart rate activity and that can lead to anxiety, depression or paranoia.
I have been there. The promises I have made whilst on the "throne"!!!

Weight loss should not be difficult or painful. Eat small portions, drink lots of water, exercise, meditate and sleep. Each on its own does not take a lot of time (apart from sleep).
It does not require sacrifice. Healthy foods are not about eating rabbit food. Healthy eating can be balanced meals with a little unhealthy thrown in there somewhere during the day. As long as you can work off whatever you ate (and then some if you are trying to lose weight), you can eat almost anything. Lots of activity and movement is considered exercise. All you need is 30 minutes out of your entire day. Water is filling and nutritious for your skin, internal organs and brain.
You do not have to go all out Vegetarian or full time fitness fanatic to lose weight and keep it off.