Thursday, 3 May 2012


What where you doing in 1999? Everyone thought the world will end. Some people partied like it (ergo the song...) and others were too wrapped up in their own life to even care.
Either way, I bet you those were simpler times. Life was less hectic and less rushed. You had more time.
Somehow, the older we get, the faster time flies by. It could be that all this technology designed to make our lives easier, is taking more of our time. Hence the reason so few people get to exercise. They don't have time.
Think back to 1999. There were no i-this and i-that. The modern bricks we lugged around and called "mobile phones", couldn't do half as much as now. You get 3D game consoles, 3D TVs and 3D Blue Ray players. In 1999, Tablets were for headaches. Pads were know what! Everything is HD and wireless and we have words like "star rated" and "energy saving".

Easy solution here. Turn off those gadgets and make time to exercise. Exercise makes you live longer, giving you more time to spend on gadgets and loved ones. If you can squeeze in 30 minutes (only half an hour) into your day for something that gives you long term benefits, don't you think that is a no brainer?
Once you are at your optimal weight, exercise can be bumped down to 3 times a week.
Teeny weeny sacrifice...massive results and benefits.
It's not rocket science (thank goodness because that is redundant these days). It's called going back to basics.
Eat simple home cooked meals, pre-cooked and prepared over the weekend to save time during the week. Spices and herbs can make anything amazing, you don't need expensive "ready made" sauces.
Use fresh ingredients rather than "ready to cook" or "instant" ingredients.
Go back to the good old days. Think like it's 1999 and live like it too. After your fabulous weight loss, you will feel like you could party like...