Monday, 7 May 2012


A long time ago I was severely overweight. My biggest struggle was motivation to exercise and eat right.
Diet after diet was tried, eating plans were followed and the inevitable gym membership was opened.
Before long, I didn't have time, then I didn't have money and then winter came. These are just a few of the excuses that I used to not diet and exercise.
Even now, there are many days when I really don't have the energy to make something healthy to eat or to exercise. The only difference is that I do it regardless of how I feel, because I know my future.

Yours will be the same. One year from now we will be twice as overweight. Our health would have gone down the drain. Depleted of all energy and will to live, we will have exhausting days filled with only aches and pains. Our skin, teeth and hair will look terrible. Basically it's all DOOM and GLOOM.
Oh! I am sorry. Where you expecting a different answer? If  you don't start or at least continue with your diet and exercise routine, what do you expect to improve?
You can not lose weight by eating large quantities of any food, I don't care how healthy it is. You can lose weight by eating small, frequent meals to speed up your metabolism. You can lose weight if you drink copious amounts of water before and after meals. You can lose weight if you do any form of exercise.
If you do not do any of the above, you will get fatter and unhealthier. It is as simple as that.

One year from now, you will be fatter. One year from now, you will be more depressed. One year from now, you will be more angry with yourself for not starting to change your life a year ago.
If that is not motivation enough to immediately start eating right and finding some form of exercise to do for 30 minutes a day, then you are a dying breed. I mean that very literally!!
Eating right and exercise makes you live longer and look younger.
If nothing else, do it for this reason: