Tuesday, 15 May 2012


What I wouldn't give for the perfect body. I'll tell you what... sweet treats and savoury snacks for one thing!~! I would like a perfect body but not at a price.

I know people who eat healthy and exercise and still indulge now and again. I also do, but my problem is that I indulge now and then again later. My curse is that I just look at something and then I pick up weight. Other people seem to have it so easy.

It is so hard to keep my weight constant, because certain times of the month I eat more than other times. My eating habits also depend on the season. Winter is great for anything Chocolate and summer for anything Chocolate and ice cream. I will die if I can't have that!!!

I always go on about eating everything in moderation.
So today I will continue that tradition. For some of us, just eating is a huge issue because no matter what we eat it goes to our hips. We need to exercise and diet and do all the unpleasantries in order to become slim.

Eventually it becomes a matter of maintaining the weight. In the end it is all worth it and a couple of digits added to the scale is not the end of the world. Striving for the perfect body as opposed to the perfect weight....very depressing stuff. It's is a real killer when you feel good because you eat right and work out, only to look in the mirror and see mountains for hips.

So as from today I will promise myself to stop focussing on perfect and just work towards looking as good as I feel. Even if I can do without lumpy mountains on either side of my non-existing ass.