Tuesday, 22 May 2012


You have tried so many diets and different exercises. Some have worked, but inevitably things went back to the normal and the weight crawled back with VENGEANCE!!!
You are now twice the size you were last year this time and somehow losing weight is harder than ever before. Even worse is if you are on a diet, but it stopped working. Nothing fits anymore and you feel like you are going around in circles and not achieving anything.
I get it!! I really do! I have been there and still have those days too.

Just over this past weekend I picked up 3 Kilograms. That's like 10 Tonnes in Elephant language. Of course I am not daft enough to ask how it happened. I know exactly what happened. Eating lots of crap (I mean A LOT) and not exercising is how it happened. The key is to fix it. Thankfully, that is the easy part. I normally eat what I want, but this past weekend I felt like going ape and be super lazy. I feel so much better now that I had that little psychotic break. I can now get back to normal and do my usual eating with some fun dancing at night to work it all off.
But enough about me.

You have to try to lose weight. Just once more. This time, just eat healthy whenever you can. You know... those home cooked meals that are not deep fried and drenched in preservatives. Simple meals that have gravies with herbs and spices as opposed to thick slimy sauces.  Try lots of leafy greens, colorful fruits and bright shiny vegetables. Drink...you guessed it,...water. If you don't like the taste, toss a  lemon wedge or half a strawberry into your glass.
Eat half of what you normally do. Serving food into a small bowl for yourself instead of a salad bowl is also a good idea.
Exercise when you have 30 minutes free in your day. Everyone has 30 minutes, even if it's before bedtime.
Fitting healthy eating and exercise into your time and lifestyle will achieve far better results.

And when you get days like I had this past weekend, just know...It is OK to not eat healthy sometimes. It is OK to skip a meal. It is OK if you pick up a few pounds. Most of all, it is OK to feel like not exercising.
We all need a break now and again. As long as you eat healthy and exercise MOST of the time, you deserve a break once in a while.
Just try losing weight one more time and do just one more lunge or push up. You have it in you to look fabulously fantastic again and feel like a Superstar when people ask you how you did it.