Monday, 28 May 2012


Nothing makes you feel like the most inferior, oldest and fattest blob on earth than going to a Variety show. The kind of show where slinky yet muscular, well toned goddesses dance and sing on stage in fabulous costumes. Man, if I wasn't straight!!! I felt like a priest on Confirmation day, with self esteem issues.

A lot of people will have their self esteem at an all time low after watching those energizer playboy bunnies, but not me. I will not go there!!! I will use them as motivation to get my figure into shape. They must spend countless hours in the gym and rehearsal. The fact that I don't have time or money for that, is not going to slow me down.

Simple things at home can be used as weights like chairs, tin cans, boots, side tables and heavy bottles.
It does not have to be too heavy, because the longer you use them, the heavier they become. Lifting tables, chairs, etc with your arms or legs are great for muscle building.
Combine this with some vegetables, fruits and lean meats that are easy to burn off,  and it will give you a recipe to perfection.
All you need is half an hour a day, three times a week. Start off with 10 minutes jumping or jogging. Work on your strength with your "weights" for 15 minutes. End it off with 5 minutes stretching to avoid sore, stiff muscles the next day. Nothing to it.
The more often you do it during the week, the better. If you can extend your workouts to 45 minutes or longer a day, even better. The great thing is that you can fit it into your time, lifestyle, schedule and rhythm. All good things come to those who take their time getting there. Nothing is going to happen overnight unless you starve yourself, but in the end it is not a race. You will look amazing soon enough. Work hard during the week, and do and eat what you want over a weekend. Odds are by the next weekend, you will be twice as cautious when you hit the scale on Monday. 

The point is to start now. The longer you wait, the longer it will take. Simple as that.