Thursday, 21 March 2013


Millions of people in this world struggle daily or from time to time with loneliness, depression, guilt, regret, anxiety and general feelings of inadequacy. In this world filled with social networks and the millions of websites on the Internet, it is still hard to find the one thing to take that feeling away. You are utterly alone in your daily struggle with work, health, appearance, home, money, kids and love while the rest of the world seems to live perfect lives and continue their days as if they have no problems.

Let me assure you, everyone has a cross to bear, a burden on their shoulders and their own struggles. Such is life that we consider no one and do not suffer their consequences, until we are in their shoes.

If today is anything like that for you, know that you are not alone. Know too that you can change your mood or your situation. Just do what your heart tells you to do. Fight and work to make the difference you so desperately seek. Even if it does not work out, at least you tried.

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Whether you like music, movies, books or paintings, you and countless others have something that bond you. You love the Arts. Some like the same artists and some like the same genres. Art in its many forms bring people together and crosses borders, cultures and language barriers. Whatever art form you are most passionate about, you love it, because it speaks to you. Music, movies or books GET you. They transport you to a world that has no limitations. They transform your sad little life into something that has meaning. They transcend your imagination into worlds beyond dimensions and constrictions. You are a somebody because of it. You matter in those words and images.

What you don't know is what it takes to bring your art of choice to life.
From the moment that book, movie or song is conceived in a thought, thousands of hours and thousands of people work to make it happen so you will not feel so alone and misunderstood in this world. They all do it to make a living and to support their families.
Just today one of my author friends shared a post by another hard working author about free downloads. It is sad that she worked so hard only to have people download her book for free off a website that had no right to do so. For more info visit...

Stop pirating. Give those artists whom enrich your life and soul with their passion and hard work, the opportunity to benefit from it. If you can do anything better than they did, then do it. Don't steal it.

If you support this campaign to stop pirating, please share it?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Have you ever found anything that you have become almost addicted to? You think about it day and night and can not wait for time to pass. It makes you dilariously happy just thinking about it!

My friends and I were chatting on Facebook the other day and thought it rather hilarious to start a support group for Facebook addicts on none other than Facebook. It has been two days and the members are rolling in. We have chatted our days away and joked around endlessly about our "addiction" rather than coming up with possible "treatments". Don't get me wrong...we share, poke. like and comment way too much for our own good, but none of us really have any intention of stopping. It is huge joke and no one takes it seriously. It has been the most fun I have had in years. Thgis is coming from someone who was akready a bundle of giggles and fun. I have realised that I have become addicted to the support group meant for addicts of Facebook. Irony anyone?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


I am as it is a natural disposition to a type A personality addicted to everything. I am addicted to food, addicted to exercise, addicted to life and addicted to love. I love lavishing attention on people and having some sort of attention in return. When I get some I'm like a puppy wagging its tail!!!

Who doesn't? Everyone wants two things in life: to be heard and to be loved. Who cares if you are understood. I don't understand half of the things people tell me. I should probably listen more but in general I am so busy that half the brain listens, whilst the other... I forgot. See...lost myself already! Nobody understands me much either, but that is OK. I always tell people that I live in my own world and I like it because everybody knows me there. 

So since I am addicted to basically everything that I like, there is no cure as such. There is no twelve step program. There is no self control either. Thankfully I balance my addictions and so it can be said that I am generally well grounded. I would say well rounded, but that would imply that I am fat, which I am not. At least not anymore. I am as fit as a mom could possibly be with the hectic lifestyle I have among the many addictions I balance. 

Like a true addict I shall deny everything I just wrote too. 


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Eat what you want and Lose crazy Pounds or KG's in 1 month

This is utter BS with capital letters!!! Please don't ever fall for those ads. You will lose weight initially until your body gets used to the changes you made in your eating habits. Then your weight will stagnate. It is impossible to lose 10 or 20 pounds/ KG's of weight eating what you want unless you have one bite only during that meal time and you tirelessly exercise on top of it in that month.
Yes, you can eat what you want, but unhealthy foods affect you metabolism, digestion and energy levels. You will not lose a lot of weight or keep it off.
The minute you stop these diets you will gain double the weight you lost back. Huge waste of money for nothing!

At first eat healthy, exercise and drink lots of water. Every diet in the book will tell you that.
I eat what I want and exercise, but most of the food I eat is healthy. If I feel like something decadent and drenched in chocolate I have it. The difference is that I eat a bit of it and nothing else on top of it.  Drinking water to fill me until the next meal works like a bomb, but you should not do this often.
Lose weight and keep it off the right way. It is not as hard as you think. It merely takes self control and some walking to start off with. I did it when I was a fat kid, after both my pregnancies and a hysterectomy. It worked and I never looked sexier.


Friday, 1 March 2013


Today I would like to rant about general comments I have heard in the news lately.
President Zuma said crime in South Africa is high because of apartheid?  That ended 20 years ago!! Get over it and put the blame where it belongs... Your inadequate cabinet and laws.

People keep going on about the Pope resigning. He is within his rights and is going out in the top of his game. Get over it!

Justin Bieber got another tattoo. So did the rest of the music industry...Get over it.

The world found out their  meat contained other animals. Really? Eating cows is okay but not horses and kangaroos. We ate it and lived. Get over it.

So after you got over these hot topics, maybe just maybe you can have a great weekend!!!