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I am HONORED and STOKED beyond words to be able to be the first one to tell you about this soon to be released book!! People. Seriously. You have no idea!!!
This highly anticipated book is set to be released on the 31st of ROCKtober bringing in a new chapter of unforgettable reads as we head into the Festive Season starting with Halloween.
NOW!! Let me entertain you!!!

The Downey Trilogy #3
Adult Contemporary Fiction: Family Drama/Romantic Suspense

Once to Begin, Twice to Bind, and Third Time’s The Charm…

Of all the things Mickey Downey has accomplished in his life, successfully quitting his vices is the one thing he hasn't been able to master. For the first time Mickey is free to have both Mary and Tommy in his life, yet he's never been closer to being pulled back into the criminal world. While Tommy, Ginny and James work overtime to expose a nefarious plot threatening all of them, Kiki and Maeve Downey are hatching their own plots to make Mickey’s dreams come true. With shenanigans afoot in every aspect of Mickey’s life, he may be forced to pick up the weapons he promised Mary he would leave behind in order to protect his children. Can Mary finally accept he might never truly be free of it or will Mickey’s enemies once again succeed in tearing them apart?

It is necessary to read First, I Love You (Downey #1) and Second of All (Downey #2) prior to reading Third Time's The Charm.
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And now, An EXCLUSIVE (never before seen) excerpt from Third Time's The Charm:
  When her gaze finally lifted to his, his face was blank. The only emotion vaguely present was resignation. The same little devil that had prompted her to invite him to supper with Jack and Claire on her last visit took over. She lifted her chin.
  “I’ll stay with you. Ten minutes for every question you answer truthfully.”
  “Why? So you can act outraged again and run away?”
  “Run away?” Mary’s heart was running so fast in her chest her ribs actually ached. 
  “I’m not running away. And I’ve a right to be upset with what you’ve told me.”
   His eyebrows contracted faintly but he continued to stare at her blankly. She walked forward and grabbed the box from his hands. She knew it was his surprise at the action more than anything that had him letting loose.
   “These are mine. You meant them for me. You might want to lie to yourself they were meant for you, but the lying to me stops today. Now,” Mary finished firmly. She ignored the slightly outraged, stunned look on his face and marched towards the door.
   “You want to know the truth, Mary?” She turned back around at the marked anger in his voice. He had only rarely been angry with her. They had fought like cats and dogs that last year they were together but he had always fought with a detached sort of disdain and condescension, only rarely with anger. He stood up slowly, his eyes burning, nostrils flaring.
  “Well, here’s the truth, Mary, and don’t go crying because it’s not what you wanted to hear. I’m as sick of that as you are of the lies. The truth is I didn’t want to retire. Not the first time, not this last time, not ever. I moved mountains to try and be with you and Tommy and it didn’t work. Then I asked you what would work and did that, and all it’s done is put all of us at risk, and you’re still playing games. Tormenting me.”
  “Tormenting you!”
  “Yes, Goddamn it! Dates, conditions, games. Here’s some more truth, Mary. I hate being retired. I hate relying on Carlo and the fucking cops and I hate being good. I miss the rush of making money, being in charge, breaking the law. Is that enough truth for you? When will it be enough sacrifices for you? When are you going to sacrifice something for me?” Mary thought maybe it was the trembling from her emotions but it took her several seconds to really grasp he’d said that. She continued to stand there for a full minute. How could he be so clueless?
  “Sacrifice? Are you serious? I sacrificed my entire life to be your mistress. The first four years of our child’s life were spent living a lie. I sacrificed the joy of a family unit, I raised our son alone.”   “By choice.”
  “I have been alone because I couldn’t risk anyone finding out who his father really was! I sacrificed my young and pretty years on the RUN! I sacrificed finding love and having a real family, having more children. Now I’m a dumpy middle aged woman with a grown man for a son. I just sold the home I worked myself to the bone to earn to move here! I sacrificed everything!”
About the Author:
(Get missing scenes and supplemental flash fiction!)
Genevieve Dewey is the author of The Downey Trilogy and the Downey spinoff short romances featuring Katelyn & Dominic (The Bird Day Battalion and The V-Day Aversion). She is a wife, mother, sister, friend and Anthropologist. She is also an unapologetic lover of chocolate, bourbon, high heels, guns, and spending hours getting lost in research. Gen lives in Nebraska with her husband and three children. Her books include:
The Downey Trilogy First, I Love You Second of All Third Time’s The Charm Short Romances The Bird Day Battalion (Free everywhere!) The V-Day Aversion Coming Soon The Good Life ( A Dom & Kate Novel)

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Please welcome my first guest blogger ever. I've been so busy promoting authors that I never had the opportunity to host another blogger. As you know, I recently promoted RESTLESS SOULS and THE CLEARING by Thomas Rydder. You may also know him from my blog tours, as Thomas is a Pro Blogger and had been part of many tours. Today he is giving some writing advice I think you might find very, very interesting.

Thomas Rydder, the floor is yours!!!

One of the most thrilling aspects of writing - at least for me - is the concept of creating your own world. One that may or may not conform with the rules and laws of our own - that exists entirely in our minds, and is ruled only by our imagination. When you visualize any world, it can (but doesn't necessarily) consist of many components - animals, buildings, streets, rolling hills, 4-wheelers blasting by with the muzzles of Uzis protruding from every window - the list goes on and on.


What makes the wheels go round and round, in the world in your head and the one in which we live?
People. Characters, in the writing vernacular. Warm-bodied denizens and heroes and ne'er-do-wells and Average Joes and victims and you get the idea.

Close your eyes and visualize a tree. Go ahead, I'll wait. Stick with me here, I'm going to make a point. Any old tree, it doesn't matter. It's your tree, so I could give a hoot. But what's important is that you see it clearly. Did you? The breadth of the leaves, the expanse of the limbs, the roughness of the bark, the size of the trunk? Okay, now that you have it in your mind, how would you write about it? Something like -
"Jack settled underneath the massive oak to think about what he'd been told about his father. The towering limbs waved gently in the warm summer breeze, while the broad leaves shaded him from the glowering sun. The smooth, peeling bark exuded a welcome coolness against his sweating back. Soon, despite the startling news that had sent his mind reeling, he started to feel himself becoming drowsy. "

Not too difficult, right? A couple sentences, and anyone reading it would have a pretty good idea what you had in mind. Why? Because I had a few pictures of the tree in my mind, and was able to convey it to paper. Elementary, Watson, ol' boy.
Now, let's do it again. Picture anyone you know in your mind. Wait, that's too easy. I'll choose. Let's see...okay, make it your boss. Is he or she tall? short? heavy? blonde, redhead, blue eyes, green? No problem, you can get any or all of that down on paper. (Just don't info dump – never info dump!)

When you think about it, who gives a tinker's damn what colour anyone's hair is, anyway? And unless you're penning a psycho-thriller about some nutcase who'd gonna level the Olympic Stadium during opening ceremonies, bulging muscles a story don't make.What's really, really key is you haven't mentioned anything about temperament, habits, speech patterns, how their hands fumble with their shirt buttons when they're nervous or their eyebrows squeeze together when you've missed a deadline.

Whole 'nother ball of wax, ain't it? We're complex creatures, particularly from a psychological standpoint, and that's where the problems start for the writer. I've read many reviews over the past few months, and one of the chief demerits I've read goes something like "All the characters were wooden, and they seemed to all talk the same. I often had a problem telling one from the other."
Why would that be? Simple. The author didn't take the time to see his own characters. He created them, gave them a name, a hair color maybe, and perhaps a body. He saw all the physical aspects. But he didn't make them come alive. Was it a farmer? Did he give him a voice gruff from smoking too many cigarettes on his tractor, a readiness to laugh? A movie siren with the petulant temper of a grade-schooler who brooks no nonsense from anyone who she considers inferior, and who's strident whine can be heard clearly in her wardrobe trailer, giving the director a good dressing down?

Do they have a personality?

That's what sets us apart from one another, causes wars, peace marches, sporting events, technological advances, and art. Us. Humans. And making all the characters in your book the same is on the literary  level with draping elk steaks over your shoulders and walking into the tiger exhibit at the San Diego Zoo.
Not too long ago, I read a short story that contained absolutely no character descriptions whatsoever. No physical attributes, no reference to clothes, hair, or height. Gender, period. Yet, I knew as much as I needed to from the way they talked and acted to move me right through the story and enjoy it immensely. See, the author knew, and was able to convey it to me, the reader.

Conversely, when I wrote my debut novel "The Clearing" (Yes, this is the traditional Shameful Book Plug), there was one character that I didn't have firmly in my mind. Consequently, partway through the story, she did some things that were totally out of character from how she was portrayed at the beginning of the book. I had a few reviews that called me on it, and I've just finished revising those errors and re-launching with the corrections.
Thankfully, all unfortunate situations typically have a bright side (Except that time my bicycle's chain came off, I rocketed to the bottom of the hill and launched out over this field full of blackberry bushes. Never have found the up side to that one.) I used all those pretty red flags I'd been given with my errors in The Clearing when I wrote my new anthology (waaaaait fooooor iiiiiit) “Restless Souls: 3 dark fables”, and I'm comfortable that all my little character-type hootinannies are well-defined and unique.
When you dream up your characters, figure out who you want them to be. Their likes and dislikes, foibles, and peculiarities. Dr. Frankenstein had a high old time, and you will too. Then, when it's time for them to interact in the book, that badass biker or chicken-necked accountant is ready to come blasting out in all their glory. You simply have them act like - well, like they act.

If you can't do this, then all your characters are going to be as flat as Wiley E. Coyote after launching an Acme rocket - and I know a place that sells great elk steaks.

Thank you Thomas for this insightful and helpful advice.

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No Longer A Bridesmaid is a Self Help book by Terry Cato based on her years of waiting for Mr. Right.

Every woman can relate to this book and single women can sure use the advice, which is why this book has become so popular. Allow me to tell you more about it?


For years, Terry Cato was always the bridesmaid, but never the bride. In this poignant memoir, this first-time author tells the story of her seven years of preparation, finally becoming a Lady-in-Waiting (engaged) and then a bride. During her years of being single, Terry observed seven personality types--her own included--that can get in the way of progress toward the altar.

In this book, learn:
  • The seven types of single women and how they could be harming their chances of getting married
  • Why dating is just practicing for divorce
  • How to deal with and heal old emotional wound
  • The seven steps the author used to successfully prepare for her husband.
  • How to live a happy, celibate life as you prepare for your husband and more.
"No Longer a Bridesmaid!" on sale now:



Terry is a writer and relationship blogger. She is married to Lloyd. They have two daughters and one son and reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. An avid reader, for as long as she can remember, she has always had a love for reading and writing. She wrote sentences in her coloring books before she would color the pages in grade school and began writing song and rap lyrics as an adolescent. She has written poems, essays, and song lyrics. Terry attended the University of Southern Mississippi and obtained her undergraduate degree in marketing and a master’s degree in sports administration from the United States Sports Academy. She has worked in the professional sports and non-profit industries.

Retailers can order through Ingram/Lightning Source or Amazon, ISBN 978-0-9894644-0-6.

This book is for every single Christian lady who desires to be the Lady In Waiting and is willing to prepare for the husband that God has for them. For booking, call 866-531-3604 or email, booking@terrycato.com.
Mahogany Inspiration
Contact: Terry Cato
Direct: 408-797-4858
Author I Relationship Blogger
Check out my blog: Relationships-411
Follow me @ https://twitter.com/terry411cato




Yeah! Yeah! I know! It's called a Book Blitz, but when you had the author Thomas Rydder who released Restless Souls and RE-released The Clearing on the same day it's a different bag baby!!

Here is why this is so HUGE!!!


This book consists of three stories:

1. "Do Unto Others" (short story) - Jeremy is a street hood, lawless and unchained. When he is wronged by a local businessman, it becomes his mission to seek revenge. But his new enemy has friends - ones that don't take kindly to intruders.

2. "Colors" (short story) - Harrison Street. attorney, biker wannabe, coward. When he finds the bike of his dreams, it seems too good to be true. It is.

3. "Simona Says" (novella) - Simona has had it rough. Death, disenchantment, and disappointment are all part of her life. She wants to be happy for a change, and she's willing to do just about anything to find some. Anything.
You get a 3 for 1 deal at only $0.99c

A small town in western Pennsylvania – quaint, simple, peaceful. That is, until The Elder takes up residence. He has an agenda – one that is 1,000 years old, and cannot be denied. One that will change the lives of many – and end the lives of any who interfere.
Another great deal reduced from $11 to $0.99c!!!

What makes this Author so special? He is kind, generous, funny, selfless and humble to the bone. Check out his quirky Bio and you will get to like him as much as the author community.

I was born in 1957 in a small town in Western Pennsylvania that had - and still has - one traffic light. There wasn't a whole lot to do there, and we had few neighbors, so I learned to play quite a bit of make-believe - soldiers, cowboys and Indians, that kind of thing. At the same time, I loved to read and watch old movies. On Saturdays, my dad played in a country western band, and I stayed up to wait for him. It was during that stretch that I discovered the horror movie. You know the ones I mean. Karloff, Chaney, Lee. The masters, right?
Fast forward 40 years. I'm now the project manager for a small civil engineering firm in picturesque Charleston, South Carolina with my lovely wife and four rescue pets, two dogs, two cats. Oh - and eight feral cats outside that put up with us because we give them two squares a day.

Anyway, since childhood, I've loved to create. I played trumpet, sang, even dabbled in genealogy. Nothing quite did it for me. Over the years, I'd composed quite a few term papers and theses (there are a few ex-teenagers in this world who owe their English grades to yours truly), and unfailingly earned an "A". My wife knew this, and one day just suggested that I try writing.

What the hey, I thought. So I sat down and found a writing site called Hubpages. Nice little site, and I started getting the basics of writing a little from some of the inhabitants. I wrote a short story, and everyone liked it. So, I wrote another one. Except it kept growing, and I kept getting more ideas, and it lengthened to 20 thousand words, then 30, then 40. By the time I sat back, I had the rough draft of my first novel, except back then it was called "Werewolves and Flapjacks". Somewhere along the way I decided to submit my work (now called "The Clearing) to three publishers. I was turned down twice, and miraculously was accepted by the gentleman who gently rules this site, Mr. Tim Taylor. And the rest, as they say, is history. By the way, you need to like Tim...he's a great guy, and I owe him much, which can never be repaid.

I now have a second book available - “Restless Souls: 3 dark fables” - an anthology (novella and two short stories) of ghost stories, and life is grand.

Even though I make wise cracks about all of it, this is all like living a dream - and I don't plan on waking up for a very long time.

Thomas Rydder - writer

Even on his social pages he is quite a funny man and delivers interesting thoughts. Connect with him here:






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I first introduced you to Author Wendy WL Sexton when I did  promo for her book Raven's Quest. In the time since then, Wendy has become one of my dearest and most supportive friends. She has helped me with blog tours more times than I can count, and still found time to write. 
I am so honoured that she allowed me to be the first to tell you about her second book!!!
Skyclad is an only child who has had everything her heart desires. Until Love, Lust, and Family changed everything.

She is a law student just leaving Harvard to live in the big city of Boston. Passing the state bar was her goal. Life takes a new turn when an ex-lover tries to manipulate her, and a new man walks into her life, to turn her world around. Not to mention a new found kinship that turns in to what she always longed to have.


Wendy grew up in Norwalk, California adopted at the age of two days.
At the age of 44 Wendy found her Birth Mother. They are making up for time lost.
When Wendy is not drag racing, with her husband of 23years, she is running the racing team or shopping at the Coach Store.
You can find her running the highways between Phoenix, Las Vegas, and California.
You can always find her with some-kind of coffee product in her hand.
She loves fast cars, music and tattoos.
Wendy is also in The Daughters of the American Revolution.




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Today I am pleased to present VEILED by Author L. Chapman as part of the Veiled Blog Tour Crew. You know her? The esteemed Author of Trust? Allow me to tell you all about it.

Jenny has always wanted a fairytale life: the perfect house, her own Prince Charming and the wedding to go with it.
After a five year engagement Jenny and her fiancĂ© Rich are counting down to the "Big Day"... 
And lets not forget one hell of a Hen Party for Jenny as her life as the perfect wife is all she has ever wanted but secrets are never far away... 
Will Jenny make it to her own fairytale wedding... 
All will be revealed in "Veiled"

L. Chapman was born in and continues to live in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. She has spent most of her life helping  at one time, a DJ for a special needs club. Blending her love of helping others and her love of children, L dreams to one day own and operate a childcare nursery that will help mainstream special needs children with others.
In the rare times that L. is not working to help others or maniacally writing, she enjoys making a mess of things while creating beautifully detailed greeting cards. She spends time relaxing with family, friends, and good books. L. loves to travel and has been to many places in the United Kingdom; her favorite places all involve the ocean. She hopes to one day share a kiss with her happily-ever-after in the romantic shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Should she ever get over her fear of flying, those kisses may be shared in the shadows of the Egyptian Pyramids.
Ever the fussy eater, L. has never once tasted peanut butter, and she despises coffee. If you should feel the need to bribe her, it is suggested that you bring chocolate, as that is one of her know weaknesses.
Follow her links
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Jenny had saved her entire life for a dream wedding. She had planned everything right down to the last detail, but as her Big Day draws near she discovers a life altering secret. Her entire world falls apart and she bravely faces a glim future.
As far as romance novels go, this was an enjoyable read, but I found myself swearing at the character at times.