Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Hello, it's me again. I haven't blogged in a while, but let me assure you, I am still in the same boat as you. After under going a Hysterectomy 2 months ago, I had some changes in my life. No, not "the change" but close. Here's a short version.

I picked up a lot of weight because naturally you are not allowed to lift a kettle of water, let alone exercise. Let me tell you that when they tell you that at first, you think...yeah right! Until you actually try to move. The first experience out of theatre is pain. Not just down there where your lady bits used to be, but in your back, shoulders and ribs!! They sent in a Physiotherapist that I am convinced was a former torturer for the Mossad, and she then proceeded to beat the shit out of me. The worst part was that you do not, I stress, do not feel better afterwards. When the pain killers kicked in, life was great again. I was lucky, because I had four days of ass kicking pain. Once I was sent home and I redefined the contours of my couch by not moving off it, the pain dissipated. As I was booked off work for six weeks, there wasn't much I could do but sit. Sleep was impossible because lying down flat was uncomfortable. I practically sat, ate, slept and bathed in a semi upright position for five weeks. Not fun!
I sat there in my lounge or in my bedroom reading day and night. It was all I was allowed to do, other than watch TV. It lasted for all but the first three weeks.
I got so bored with reading, I decided to write my own book. Something grown up woman could identify with. The book was sent to a book critic friend of mine yesterday. I'll keep you posted in the rest.
Now that my book is completed, I decided to make some other changes.
First, I am going to exercise again. Well, what I consider exercise at least. Secondly, let me tell you that my blog will now be about more than weight loss and health. It will be a complete new site dedicated to everything about life.
I had a huge cancer scare...need I say more. My opinion on diet and exercise has not changed, but there is more to life than looking good. Your kids, your lover, your sex life and most importantly YOU have to be first. So here goes...