Sunday, 17 February 2013


My sons decided to make themselves some toast on Valentine's night. How exactly the toaster got set on its highest setting remains a mystery to them and me. Obviously I must have magical fairies in my house. When the bright sparks that are my boys did not see the bread pop up on its own, they left it.  In a matter of minutes the bread went black, then caught on fire.
At this point my sons thought it was a good idea to call me. I would have responded with the necessary action that an emergency such as this required, if not for one thing. My boys scream like little girls when they encounter a tiny spider. However when the house was about to burn down, did they scream like that? Noooo. In fact they called me in the same monotonous whine they always do when they wanted something. When my eldest eventually came to tell me the toaster had caught on fire as well, it was too late.