Sunday, 24 February 2013


I live in the same province as Oscar Pistorius. We live in a country where you are lucky to get robbed or hijacked and live to tell the tale. Our criminals are a savage breed that break in, rape woman and children in front of the partner and then kill everyone. Our justice system is a joke. Our private security companies like ADT, that we pay a fortune to every month for armed response are completely unreliable. Out of two of the four times we were broken into, the ADT alarm system they installed into our house did not go off. Lo and behold it went off when we tried to get into our own house! The first time we "upgraded" our alarm system for yet another small fortune only to have it happen again.
My opinion is that the alarm did not activate when the burglars came, because someone in ADT was working with the robbers.
Every time we got robbed, we were blessed to have been at work. The cops in this country are amazing and responded quickly. They even sent cops around the next day to check on us, after every time. I cannot fault the SAPS on anything. Our Community Police Forum that consists of civilians are also outstanding. They mobilized their volunteers immediately to trace all possible locations of our stolen goods.
So with that said, I completely believe that Oscar thought there was a burglar in his house. Private security companies let burglars into your house, and the justice system sets them free, so what do you do? You arm yourself to the teeth and protect what is yours.
Don't believe the conflicting media reports and conjecture. Wait for the evidence to speak.