Wednesday, 27 February 2013


As tonight was our wedding anniversary, we decided to eat out. This is completely out the norm for health freaks like us. The occasion called for something out of the norm. After all, it was the first anniversary we remembered in years and it's not even a significant number like tenth or twentieth. It was our 14th wedding anniversary. We have lived in this town for over fifteen years, and only recently heard about this restaurant called Aldeira above a dodgy bar. As we entered we were met by friendly staff and a warm ambience. The decor was part French antique furniture (some tables even had French couches) mixed with part traditional Portuguese fittings on one side and the other side was inspired by a country style kitchen. So country, Portuguese and French?  Totally worked!! It looked elegant and stylish despite the influences they used. We had romance and fun, at least as much as you can have with kids there. I would have told the parents to leave their brats at home next time, but they were mine. 

Just like that you can mix and match aspects of your experiences together into your life. Take the best diets you have tried over the years and mix and match them to suit your budget and lifestyle. Take the best of the books you read and mix and match their unique aspects into your book. Whatever you do, it will be an unique master piece just like you! Don't ever sell yourself short. Work hard at what you want to do. Never give up on your dreams and fit what you want into your life, your time and your budget.