Sunday, 3 March 2013

Eat what you want and Lose crazy Pounds or KG's in 1 month

This is utter BS with capital letters!!! Please don't ever fall for those ads. You will lose weight initially until your body gets used to the changes you made in your eating habits. Then your weight will stagnate. It is impossible to lose 10 or 20 pounds/ KG's of weight eating what you want unless you have one bite only during that meal time and you tirelessly exercise on top of it in that month.
Yes, you can eat what you want, but unhealthy foods affect you metabolism, digestion and energy levels. You will not lose a lot of weight or keep it off.
The minute you stop these diets you will gain double the weight you lost back. Huge waste of money for nothing!

At first eat healthy, exercise and drink lots of water. Every diet in the book will tell you that.
I eat what I want and exercise, but most of the food I eat is healthy. If I feel like something decadent and drenched in chocolate I have it. The difference is that I eat a bit of it and nothing else on top of it.  Drinking water to fill me until the next meal works like a bomb, but you should not do this often.
Lose weight and keep it off the right way. It is not as hard as you think. It merely takes self control and some walking to start off with. I did it when I was a fat kid, after both my pregnancies and a hysterectomy. It worked and I never looked sexier.