Tuesday, 5 March 2013


I am as it is a natural disposition to a type A personality addicted to everything. I am addicted to food, addicted to exercise, addicted to life and addicted to love. I love lavishing attention on people and having some sort of attention in return. When I get some I'm like a puppy wagging its tail!!!

Who doesn't? Everyone wants two things in life: to be heard and to be loved. Who cares if you are understood. I don't understand half of the things people tell me. I should probably listen more but in general I am so busy that half the brain listens, whilst the other... I forgot. See...lost myself already! Nobody understands me much either, but that is OK. I always tell people that I live in my own world and I like it because everybody knows me there. 

So since I am addicted to basically everything that I like, there is no cure as such. There is no twelve step program. There is no self control either. Thankfully I balance my addictions and so it can be said that I am generally well grounded. I would say well rounded, but that would imply that I am fat, which I am not. At least not anymore. I am as fit as a mom could possibly be with the hectic lifestyle I have among the many addictions I balance. 

Like a true addict I shall deny everything I just wrote too.