Sunday, 10 March 2013


Whether you like music, movies, books or paintings, you and countless others have something that bond you. You love the Arts. Some like the same artists and some like the same genres. Art in its many forms bring people together and crosses borders, cultures and language barriers. Whatever art form you are most passionate about, you love it, because it speaks to you. Music, movies or books GET you. They transport you to a world that has no limitations. They transform your sad little life into something that has meaning. They transcend your imagination into worlds beyond dimensions and constrictions. You are a somebody because of it. You matter in those words and images.

What you don't know is what it takes to bring your art of choice to life.
From the moment that book, movie or song is conceived in a thought, thousands of hours and thousands of people work to make it happen so you will not feel so alone and misunderstood in this world. They all do it to make a living and to support their families.
Just today one of my author friends shared a post by another hard working author about free downloads. It is sad that she worked so hard only to have people download her book for free off a website that had no right to do so. For more info visit...

Stop pirating. Give those artists whom enrich your life and soul with their passion and hard work, the opportunity to benefit from it. If you can do anything better than they did, then do it. Don't steal it.

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