Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Deep Dark Mire Promo

Mistakes are made every day. Some cost nothing and others cost the ultimate price.

Love, happiness and life.

Desdemona Adare's life is falling apart all around her. From a relationship that's imploding, to the mysterious disappearance of her sister. The people she'd come to resent are now the only ones that can help her find the truth. Elizabeth Blackhawk is the bane of her relationship with Callen Whitefox, but now she needs to trust her worst enemy to find the truth in her quest for answers.
Desdemona found love, and then realized it was all built on lies. Breaking the one promise she made to the man she loves, she gambles it all to find the truth.
Callen Whitefox is madly in love, just not with his fiancée. It's nothing he didn't realize from day one, because his heart always belonged to another. Backed into a corner and forced to rescue Desdemona because of a promise, he drags the people he loves into the midst of the mess. Now they're all fighting for their lives, as the lines are about to be blurred, crossed and changed forever.
Can Callen have everything he's always wanted, even if his dream woman seems just out of his reach?
The truth is seeping to the surface, and the horror is about to rear its ugly head. There is one universal theme for them all. Love can destroy or heal, depending on which side you take.

Life and love will never be the same as they all slip into the 'Deep Dark Mire'.