Saturday, 1 June 2013


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Heaven's Closed


“Then I’ll have the pleasure of accompanying two equally beautiful women.” Raphael said with a smile. He reached out to Anna. With a pale, drawn face, she got out of the car and into the sea of light flooding the entrance to the house. “Smile,” Raphael whispered into her ear, lightly touching her lobe with his lips. He wrapped his other arm around Amelia and walked them to the door. There, he turned, offering the photographers another moment to capture their prize. Raphael radiated pleasure as he took both girls around the waist and pressed them to him. “Let the fun begin!” And the crowd cheered.


The soft touch of Raphael’s hand guiding a rope under her arm sent shivers down her spine. He slid her hemp rope across her skin and the tug, as he tied the fool's cuff just snug enough to secure her arms, bound her to this experience and she moaned. ...

As the men took some distance to admire her in this subdued position, Amelia swivelled her hips ever so slightly; immediately, the paddle landed on her left butt cheek and she gasped. A soft blow just to get a feel for her tolerance. Standing beside her, each man delivered well calculated blows to her behind, alternated with the soft caress of their fingers. ...

“Please,” she whimpered.
“Didn’t I tell you not to speak?” Raphael said and he slapped her sensitive slit with a narrow paddle again and again until the pleasurable sting sent her over the edge.

Unable to hold still, she wriggled and panted. Not speaking--she had to be a good girl, show him she deserved to play with him--she climaxed and her muscles cramped. The musky smell of s**, leather and the prickles of currant running from her c**t to her toes and back shut the world around her out. She was her orgasm, nothing else mattered.