Monday, 10 June 2013


As authors a lot of time and money is spent on various aspects of our craft but none so much as our covers. I spent over 1000 bucks on research, development and design on the Capital series. In South Africa that is a lot of money!!!
The first book Capital D is a calming colour with an exciting and bright contrast.  The rest of the covers differ in colour, but the same uniform principle binds the series together.
When people see my cover their initial response is the equivalent to a busy parent looking at their child's millionth drawing provoking the inevitable and familiar "that's nice sweety" response.

But when you put my cover among some of the other covers out there, another response is evoked completely. My case in point are the pictures below. It doesn't matter where you put Capital D, it stands out. That is what an author wants for their books. Don't let your book get lost in the ocean of distraction.

For more information on the research that was conducted before my cover was designed visit my website: