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This book is an introduction of a family known by the name of D’Angri, fourth generation of Natale Spiridion Giorgio, miner, arriving to Australia in 1852 at Ballarat Victoria Australia.
Mr. Norman David with his late brother William Noel D’Angri had turning back the clock in their youth.
Systematically both were walking around Ballarat to remember how it was in their younger years.
Their memories are in their hearts forever. They do remember how they lost their uncle hero in WWI, when he departed and never returned to Ballarat.
Mr. Norm is still living in Ballarat, going strong along with his wife of over 50 years Val D’Angri nee Lawn. Val is a very remarkable woman in Ballarat. Her Great Grandmother was also involved of sewing up of the Eureka in the flag in 1854, and for many years, Val was involved to restore this flag for Ballarat museum to maintain the history of Ballarat.

Norm and Val are daily involved in participating and restoring historical photographs, documents etc. Val has obtained many awards of appreciations from different societies for her work as well as and including Norm.
I do admire them for their friendship and honesty for the last 12 years including helping me out with materials and permission to publish two books and this book that you have opportunity to read now is your opportunity to obtain knowledge of the D’Angri descendant of a man from Corfu – Greece – Ionian Islands.

The second book published later this year in which I tracked down Angri/Angli/ Dangri/Daneri/D’Angri from year 1700. I did come across a few mysteries about this family and the research is still in the open air.
Norm and William were trying to trace back their own ancestors since 1993, and Italian Historical Society in Melbourne wrote to them in a letter congratulating them that they are ‘Noble’.
Many historians that are mentioning D’Angri family have blotted wrong information, the dates and stories. My researches were located from direct and original documents from sources in Archives and Catholic registrars of birth, marriages and deaths of D’Angri ancestors.
Noble Norman David D'Angri is fourth generation of Natale Spiridion Giorgio D'Angri born in Naples and migrated to Corfu Greece under British protectorate. There is evidence that D'Angri is a noble name and connected to the Dorian family and Prince D'Angri.
Norman was born in Ballarat and is still residing at the same city today.

Natale arrived to Australia in 1852 during a gold rush, and not long after his arrival he struck gold with his group of Greek and Italians. His sister Elena D'Angri was also first Greek soprano opera singer and was appointed as Countess by Austrian Emperor. Natale returned back to Europe and after he got his fortune in Ballarat, he handed a large some of money to his sister Elena, to distribute it amongst his family but somehow she kept her money for herself.
Natale returned back to Ballarat a few years later and become a Golden Gardener at his own plant nursery.

'This book 'WHEN I WAS A LAD AND LATER' is only the introduction of D'Angri name in Australia and a master book of this family is still under-research and will be published sometime this year.
Norman is living a simple life with his wife Valda and still residing in Ballarat. Valda is also part of Eureka History.
Norm and Val are involved in all aspects of Ballarat research and both well respected amongst community at Ballarat.
Book 1 is published with an 'introduction' and another four parts due to the space available with KDP. When you finish reading 'introduction' you can continue your readings of the other four parts.
Enjoy your reading.





This book follows the life of Norman D’Angri, a descendant of the Countess D’Angri from Austria. Although Norman had some help recalling some of the things from his life by way of his brother and wife, for most part the book from Norman’s perspective is enlightening. I was fascinated to learn what children did and played with before and after the 2nd World War. I learned when radios, Lp’s and Tv’s made their way to Norman’s town and enjoyed the incredible childhood memories he had. Throughout the book his career and all the different antics he got up to were also detailed. Norman is funny, interesting and well spoken. You get the sense that he is still the “old school” gentleman and very much a charming man.
Raymond did an excellent job depicting the words Norman conveyed and together they compiled a fantastic, informative and educational anthology of one of the oldest members in the little town of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  Before, during and after the war it was unbelievable to learn how people lived and how resilient the human spirit is. I give this 5 out 5 stars purely because it is intelligent, humorous, well written and well researched.
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“Naturally, I cannot remember much at all about my formative years, although there is some visual evidence around that indicates that I was an exceptionally gorgeous child with beautiful blue eyes and fair curly hair (Just like now, but for “fair read “grey”)
WW2 started to disrupt our family and we certainly expected this at any time
“I remember that on one occasion he asked the class if anyone had ambitions to be a draughtsman. Five or six of us put up our hands, and Banjo started up a little quiz, using drawing terms as questions. Eventually I won the quiz and as most likely to become a draughtsman, he asked me to “shut the classroom windows to keep the draught out”


Natasha Johnstone
Come eaves drop into a conversation recorded between Raymond and Natasha when she learned more about this Author at a coffee shop.

1)      What do you do for fun?

Raymond radiated a smile and stated: “My only fun is when I’m playing with my Granddaughters and my mind reminds me when I was their age. The difference was that my play fun was growing up during WW II and there wasn’t much fresh air to breathe.  It is also fun when my Granddaughters are arguing about the school subjects as I hit back on them with my life experiences. But mind you, that one girl is in primary school and the other one in high school, and they are both heading as pure academics for their future.”

Natasha responded: “I know you are a devoted husband to a very ill wife and a great father.  It’s rare that you get a grandfather so involved in his granddaughter’s lives. I know you even take them to school!”

Raymond just smiled

2)      What is important to you?

Raymond looked very concerned and then said: “Firstly I wish that the world avoid the wars. I do hate corruption, crime, drugs, bad politicians and all the rest that is bad to our society.  Democracy is losing the string from original implementation and I wonder if the world will be converting to a total and good Democracy.”

Natasha retorted: “Good luck with that one!” as she giggled and then gave a snort Miss Piggy would be proud of.

Before Raymond could respond, Natasha interrupted him...

3)      Why did you write this book?

Raymond gushed: “My book ‘When I was a Lad and Later’ is Non-Fiction and is part of Australian Pioneers and Miners back in 1852. I met the descendants of the character concerned in the book while I was working at the Radio Station as a Broadcaster. When I heard the Name D’Angri on Air, somehow I took immediate interest to personally meet this family. When they told me that they were searching for their ancestors back in Italy and Greece for about 10 years, and with their permission, I took over all their information with photographs for further research and with the intention to also write a book.”

Natasha smiled: “Well I read the book and you did a great job!”

4)      Who played an integral part in the research that went into this book?

Raymond frowned and paused before saying this: “Some of the researches were done by the D’Angri families without any high success, and my research extended to England, Greece, Austria, Naples-Italy, Argentina, Europe, Cuba and USA.”

Natasha replied: It sounds like a lot of work!”

Raymond shyly smiled and nodded.

5)      How long did it take to write this book?

Raymond answered: “It took me four years to publish this book, and even so now in the year 2013 I’m still doing further searches about this Noble family D’Angri.”

Natasha raised her eyebrows in astonishment: “Wow!”

6)      What is your next project?

Raymond gave a brilliant smile: “My next books:” and rambled this list...
           a)      ‘GOLDEN GREEK TO GOLDEN GARDENER’ (Biography of Natale D’Angri)
           b)      ‘COUNTESS ELENA’ (Biography of Elena sister of Natale)
           c)       ‘DESIREE AND NAPOLEON’

Natasha nodded and said: “Sounds fascinating. I can’t wait to read them as well”

7)      What interesting experiences and occupations have you had?

Raymond took a deep breath: ”An Army Officer , 35 years Senior Executive in Clothing Industry (Manufacturing) as Production Manager and General Manager.  Years Radio Broadcasting. Visited Sanremo Song Festival in –Sanremo Italy, representing as Ambassador for Radio Stations and travelling overseas on business Europe and Asia

Natasha wrinkled her nose and responded: “you forgot to mention Genealogist and Historical researcher”

Again poor Raymond was interrupted

8)      Who inspires you?

Raymond took all of a second to say: Family, good honest friendship, reading good books, listening to good music and romantic movies
Natasha cocked her head to the side and sweetly replied: “Aw”

          9) Who is your favourite author?
Again Raymond responded in a flash: “Alexander Dumas, Joan Collins, John Keane, John Molony, E.R. Emmet, Ralph G   Martin, Charles Boyce, Natasha Johnstone.”

Natasha’s eyes went big. She said nothing but thought to assure the readers  immediately that she swore to God she did make him say that!!


10) Who is Raymond as a person?
Raymond looked around and then said softly: I was born under sign of Leo and am a very  generous person with a good heart. I do not stand being taken for a fool or taken on by gossiping and lies. I like quiet and peace in life and I respect anyone that shows respect towards me and I’ll show the same in return. Peace is the most important light in our life. I never neglect a good friend and always respect such a person. I have done 40 years of my education and at my age now I’m still learning more and more daily, like all of us humans do. Since year 2000 writing is my passion, giving out my meaning with words to readers. Remember: ‘WHEN A GOOD PERSON OFFER YOU HIS HAND TAKE IT!’

Natasha gave a big smile: “Thank you Raymond for doing this interview and for being such an amazing friend and person.”

With a shake of their hands and a kiss on the cheek, they said their farewells and went their separate ways.





Raymond's Author Bio

Raymond's Bio

It is now 51 years since I arrived in Australia what once was called a ‘New Land’ and where money grew on the trees. But on the other hand money was growing out of your hands and in simple words we were all baptised as ‘Wogs.’
But today after so many years being here I’ve my reservations as to why as a young man did I head to this part of the world?

For many years I worked all the dirty jobs that were paying for me and my parents. My father died 3 weeks after my arrival to Australia. At many stages I was working two shifts to earn double money pounds and shillings at that time.
While working I started to educate myself as a part time student in the evening, and my education was continued during all my jobs and even when I got married. I was hardly at home during those times.
My achievements with education had given me better jobs and promotions with good wages and a company car. I did manage to get many Diplomas and Certificate in many different fields.
My very last position I held was General Manager’ with a large fashion company, but due to high imports of goods to Australia from Asia many Fashion  and clothing manufacturing companies have closed down or moved overseas due to competition of wages scales.

In the year 1998 I returned back to studies and had firstly achieved a degree in ‘Doctorate of Philosophy in History Research’, soon after that I studied for a Diploma of Journalism. The next step was to study more of Journalism and I have been awarded with a ‘Higher Diploma in Journalism.’ I moved further on and had undertaken the Certificate in Professional writing – Genealogy & Historical writing. My very last schooling have been completed in 2008 in ‘90859 NSW – Certificate III in News Media.’ I believe that my total education is close to 40 years, and I’m proud to say that I have become an ‘Author-Journalist-Genealogist.’
All my life I wanted to be writer but my life wasn’t easy especially when you are married, studying and working to earn your bread and butter. Children of today should be happy that are living in ‘Era of High Technology and spoiled by their parents and the government in their country.  I had nothing like this when I was young... only strict discipline by my parents and today I’m grateful to them.

Certainly I’m married and also have two most beautiful and loved Granddaughters and I can see that both are following in my footsteps.
Writing History and researching will be in my veins until I’m off this planet. Apart from History writing I’m also a follower of Crimes in 23 countries, as at some stage I was (for few years) reporting crimes to a an organization in North Carolina USA.

I’m registered and holder of:
‘International Press Card’ with International Federation of Journalists

‘Australian News Syndicate’
‘Media, Entertainment & Art Alliance’
At this time I’m still researching D’Angri family and two more books about this family will soon be published.
But my special book will be perhaps the last with title: ‘Desiree and Napoleon,’ and why Napoleon Bonaparte you will be perhaps wondering? He was my favourite in my History subject when I went to Primary School.
This is my basic Biography for all of you readers if you are willing to keep turning pages in my book; ‘WHEN I WAS A LAD AND LATER’ and viewing my DVD.
Author – Journalist – Genealogist
2013 Australia

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