Monday, 17 June 2013


Next week this time I shall be in Spain and the week after that I'll be in Paris. I am so grateful to have friends over there and for the fans of my book Capital D. Needless to say it is summer there, so naturally I have been trying to firm up and lose weight like a crazy! I always do before every holiday. Nothing motivates like a swimsuit!

I should probably learn my lesson and keep my weight constant throughout the year, but come on! Chocolate, Hot Chocolate and did I mention chocolate? It just tastes better in winter. I could say it warms me up, but that is not entirely true. Blow me over and call me a feathered dildo, it just comforts me. Plus I can hide under layers of clothing. As I normally eat small, healthy portions anyway, the only changes I had to make was add exercises. Oh, and stop eating so much chocolate. 

In winter, let me tell you exercising is a bitch! My feet are so frozen every time they hit the floor it feels like I have ten thousand little ice crystals stabbing me. No matter how hard I try I cannot warm up. The other night I almost knocked myself unconscious with my two airbags just trying to get warm. The fact that they are attached to my chest may or may not have been a determinate factor in said state of near unconsciousness. It is so hard!! 
What pisses me off most is that I don't lose weight as fast because I don't sweat so much in winter either. 
So here you have a desperate, highly ticked off women running out of time. I'm like a frustrated Gorilla people!! 

*Deep breath* All I have to do is make it count. So this week I am going to exercise twice a day for longer, continue to eat my small portions and maybe, just maybe try and calm the F down. Sounds like a plan. I just wish I hadn't bought my husband chocolate for Father's Day yesterday! I hate leftovers!