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A few months ago I did a blog promo on this book. When the tour was over I sat down and decided to actually read the book. I'm bad... I know!

Today however I decided to do a review and author spotlight because frankly I enjoyed this Novella a lot.
But first...Meet Lucy everyone.

Author Bio of Lucy Pireel

I was born in Brazil, and nowadays live in the UK, have a son who lives with his dad, not in the UK.
I love to bake, and cook, but not to eat that much. That is, when I'm not writing, or reading. But gardening is yet another thing I enjoy. The gardening started when my son said, “Mommy, do tomatoes grow in the store?” I just had to show him where veggies and fruit come from and of course taking him to a farmer wasn't cutting it. Nooo, I had to start a veg patch, but how to grow those delicate tropical things like eggplants and such? Right, enter a greenhouse, before I knew it I was growing 15 different types of tomatoes, three types of eggplants, 8 varieties of bell peppers and whatnot in the greenhouse, while outside there were more things growing and being eaten by little creatures that love fresh produce too. Since I vowed to grow everything organic, there was no poison entering our garden and I ended up with loads of butterflies and no—or hardly any—crop, because caterpillars have a right to eat too. But that’s besides the point, my son now knows fruit and vegetables grow on plants, bushes or trees.
You’d think with working in the garden my daily exercise time is covered, but nope. Yoga, keeps me bendy and sweaty all the time, every time and the best thing? I get the greatest ideas when tied in a knot.

You want to know even more about me? I mean, really? I’m not that interesting, honestly, I’m not! I've studied Law, but never tried a case, don’t tell a soul, but I have a thing with speaking in public, or rather against it. Have you ever had a swimming pool under your arms? Vocal cords that don’t work? A brain shutting down and not knowing how to form a cohesive sentence or remember what and how and why. Why, did I ever agree to stand here and make an arse of myself? What am I supposed to say to these people? That kind of jitters make it impossible to stand in court and successfully try a case. So, I got time in prison, on the right side of the table, fraternising with the wrong side of society, to run back to the office and type up briefs and whatnot.

But then! A near wonder occurred, I became a mom! Yay! No more working long hours, no more being tough and relentless, instead I got in touch with my soft side and loved it. First you only sing as a mom. I never used gaga, lala, baby language, as soon as those little eyes began to look a tiny bit intelligent, it was reading real stories to the little critter. The moment he talked, he asked for more stories, other stories not those he’d heard already, and I began making them up myself. And my first stories were created, pirates and mayhem. Hey! It’s a boy, he wanted more than just a happy end, things needed to happen.

From there the jump to darker tales was not hard to imagine and then combining traditional fairy tales with murder and mayhem was even more fun, and the first twisted fairy tale was born/conceived. It was a flash of Red Ridinghood, but not with a happy end. That wasn't enough for me. More needed to happen, to more of those heroines and I wrote and wrote and rewrote and edited and polished and then hired a professional editor to get the last commas on their proper place and tighten up the lot. When a professional artist offered to create me a cover for this collection, I could no longer refuse to get into publishing what I write. Resulting in my first self-published book Red Gone Bad, Fairy Tales or Not. Soon after the second followed and now Bound is out there. A BDSM novella starring an independent woman who loves to play games. Cover by my own hand.

These days I create my own covers and learned how to edit, but still use a second and third pair of eyes before being confident enough to publish my work. I blog and feature other authors, because I know how difficult it is to get your work noticed in the vast sea of books out there. I try to keep up my reading and reviewing, also because we indies need reviews and such.

And that's me in a nutshell.
Everyone loves Lucy and here's why....
 Author Interview:

Me: What do you do for fun Lucy?

Lucy: Hahahaha, you would like to know that, now wouldn't you? Erm, I mean. Yoga and baking stuff. Walking the dog and climbing. I would love to be able to wield a chainsaw.

At this point all I could think of was this tiny woman flinging a massive chainsaw around. It was equally scary and hilarious. 

Me: What is sexy to you?

Lucy: A man who's a bit rough around the edges. A lumberjack for example.

Yikes! I hate their clothes and scruffy beards...Oh wait! I was thinking of Duck Dynasty...nevermind...

Me: Why did you write this book?

Lucy: I just sat down and it kind of wrote itself. :-)

Yes it happens people! moving on...

Me: Who would play the characters if this was a movie?

Lucy: Helena Bonham-Carter as the leading female part and Vinnie Jones as the lead male.

Vinnie Jones? Note to self: Google Vinnie Jones. (No clue who he is)

Me: How long did it take to write?

Lucy: About a year. From rough first draft to finished manuscript. First draft was done within a month.

I thought about it and then realized I should've asked how long it took her to get published too.

Me: What is your next project?

Lucy: A full length erotic novel, action packed and steamy. But first I will release another short story collection. Horror, suspense this time.

Wowza! This girl is talented. 

Me: What would you classify the genre of this book to be?

Lucy: Erotica, there's no doubt about that. Wheeeeheeee!

DUH!! That was a stupid question. I mentally bitch slapped myself at that time.

Me: Who inspires you?

Lucy: For this one? That was Metallica and my own overly active imagination.

I don't know which is more disturbing...picturing this sweet lady as a Rock Chick or Metallica doing BDSM. Hardcore BDSM stuff yeah maybe...but not the kind of stuff in Bound. 

Me: Who is your favourite author?

Lucy: Why does everyone asks that question? I have no one favourite. I like a lot of authors from a multitude of genres.

Don't tell Lucy but I hate when people ask me the exact same question. In all fairness, who you read is as important as the company you keep in real life. 

Me: Who is Lucy Pireel as a person?

Lucy: I like to think I'm a kind, open and loving person. Ready to share whatever she can with whom ever it might need. I'll always try to see the good in people rather than expect the worst. Call me gullible or a fool, but I think if I'm good, good will come to me. Karma, you know?

Well, I know Lucy and she is exactly the way she described. I won't call her gullible, just trusting. From past dealings with her I can honestly say she is a fabulous, exquisite and amazing person. She has me BOUND with her personality alone. 

My review of BOUND

When I first read the blurb and synopsis about a woman who willingly wanted to be a Sub, I thought Hell NO! Not me ever!. I'm so not that type. Surely only stupid little girls with daddy issues do that! To give you an idea, my husband takes on Attorneys, CEO's and Fortune 500 companies for a living, yet he doesn't stand a chance with me. He will be the first to tell you: "I wear the pants in the family and I have my wife's permission to say so." But since reading this book I have changed my mind about that. As I read the book it became clearer how much power a Sub actually holds and throughout the story, Lucy had me anticipating more and more. There was a build up between the characters and you felt the spark! The protagonist Amelia was feminine, in control and easy to identify with. Cue the male lead character Raphael, and you have a ticking timebomb of sexual tension. My only wish was that it was longer and that their first time together was different. Boy! what a horrible shocker that was? I give this baby a fabulous 4 and half stars. 

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