Tuesday, 30 July 2013


As I lay one book blog tour to rest and gear up for the next Author's promo, I thought I'd share this with you.

Short little FYI needs to be thrown in here just for good measure before I do:
On this blog I don't only promote books and anything to with what mom's would like or what would suit moms specifically. From time to time I also blog for and on behalf of men. Case in point...

I recently stumbled upon this website. The hows and why's aren't important, so let's just stick to the facts we have. Just for your information I was not looking for porn okay?... Okay... Maybe a little. But anyhoooo..

This is a great site for men. Even this little mommy was glued to every article. What I liked the most about this site is that it is clean, crisp and not at all the filthy, messy bachelor pad you'd expect. This is the male equivalent of Fair Lady and Cosmopolitan combined. Informative, appealing and entertaining. I'm wired for life!!