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Ben Green is a troubled young man, losing his mind and hearing voices. Worse than that, his nightmare is just beginning…
Detective Inspector Summers hates dealing with drug addicts, thieves, violent men and women, rapists, child molesters and murderers. She wants to be a doctor in a surgery, saving the lives of the sick. Instead, she deals with the sick and twisted.
Finally, she gets handed the case she wants, the reason she joined the force… Her investigations lead Summers closer to Ben, and his involvement to the case slowly becomes clear…

Psychological Thriller – Contains adult content – Sex & Violence – 18+


Outside, the bustling city thrived with life; neon lights, car horns and falling rain played with the senses of its people.
Inside, in the lavish apartment of ‘Mr. Money,’ sex was in the air. There was no subtle candle lighting, nor romantic music playing in the background. There was no need. Mr. Money never needed to impress or set the mood. He was paying hard cash as always.
He lay face up, naked, on his king-size, silk-covered bed, as the gorgeous Natalie rode him. She pulled on his chest hair with one hand and reaching behind her, squeezed on his testicles with the other. She knew that excited him, made him orgasm quicker, and ultimately pay sooner.
Mr. Money was Natalie’s best client. He paid the taxi fare to and from his home, always paid over the one hundred and fifty pounds she asked for, and even gave her the occasional piece of jewelry if he’d had a good week on the markets.
Because of his generosity, she was equally generous in return. She allowed more than the maximum hour, if needed, than she allowed other, less generous clients. She even allowed him full access to every part of her body, even if some of the things they did together were uncomfortable, sometimes painful, like deep-throat blow-jobs and anal penetration. She knew she would always be well rewarded for her efforts, and besides, she loved it.
The only thing she loved more than sex was the money it brought her.
She climbed off her ‘trick,’ licked his penis clean, grabbed her dress and strode naked to the bathroom, where she used a flannel to wash her face and private parts.
Mr. Money sparked a cigarette and counted out three hundred pounds from the bedside drawer, tossing it onto the bed, as Natalie walked out of the bathroom wearing a long, tight-fitting, black dress. She picked up the money, smiled and dropped it into her purse.
Mr. Money watched as she hit speed-dial on her mobile phone and slipped on her high-heels as she arranged for a taxi to come and collect her. Ending the call, she moved towards her host, kissed him on the cheek and took the rest of his cigarette.
‘Until the next time,’ she said.
She headed towards the door, the start of her journey home, back to the side of her unsuspecting boyfriend, the poor soul who thinks he has found his soul-mate, as Mr. Money lay on his bed, sparked another cigarette and laughed to himself.
‘Filthy bitch,’ he said, ‘until the next time.’



Jams N. Roses is a father of one and grew up in Hertfordshire, England. He has spent a few years living on the Costa del Sol, Spain, and currently resides in Nice, France.

He primarily writes crime novels, but has a naughty sense of humor that can sneak its way into his work, so much so that his third novel release, Extremely England, is an hilarious, satirical comedy.

From the author...

"I love the creation of stories, and although I spend days and weeks and months working on a plot, it's the emotions of my characters that I enjoy delving into.

My first published novel, 'Get Clean', really has my heart and soul poured into it. Although I feel a bit naked by putting a story out there that contains so much of my life, I'm happy with the book, and a little proud of my first writing achievement.

Also available is 'Son of a Serial Killer'. This story was born in my mind when I was going through a difficult phase in my life. I felt let down by the person closest to me, and I was angry and upset. What better way to expel those emotions than to throw them into a book? The story itself isn't based on my life like my previous novel, but the emotions captured within the pages are feelings I had to battle with for far too long.

My third release, 'Extremely England', is something completely different. It's a satirical comedy poking fun at society and the way it is portrayed by the media - I enjoyed writing something that wasn't so dark for a change if I'm honest!

I am a big film fan, and would have to admit that I have an eye on the 'filmability' of my stories when writing them. One day..."




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