Saturday, 28 September 2013



I was so taken with Blood And Loss, that I had decided to have a look at Electa Graham's other books. Of course she had no idea that I did this. (Well, not until this went live, anyway)
The typical world class hacker and I.T Pro that I am, naturally worked my magic and ... are you ready???? .....clicked on her website.
SO, after extracting the bits and pieces I wanted, here are her other books. CUE THE MUSIC!!! DOOOOO DOOOO DO-DOOOOOOOOO!!!!

This broadcast is interrupted by a public service announcement: These books are not intended for readers under the age of 18, drink responsibly, winners know when to stop, blah, blah, blah....

The Dark Queen has escaped her prison and Cassandra was the one who opened the door. Now Cass wants nothing more than to be the one to kill her. Quintus, Lucius and Na’min all promise to help, but she knows it will come down to her to do the deed. She wants it to be her. Mab has killed Declan, her mate and best friend and she threatens to spread her venom to the human world. Cassandra feels responsible for letting her out and for every evil crime she commits. Killing the queen of darkness won't only give her the vengeance she desires, but also the redemption she needs.
Now available at if you click on the pic!!
You just need to look at the cover to know this baby is another steamy hot, polar icecap melting read!!
Sloane is a sexy professional thief who has been hired by some of the richest and most powerful men in the world. She helps them complete collections they legally can't own. Precious artifacts, royal jewels and any other treasure that may be hard to obtain. Its just a game to them, but it has made her some very powerful enemies.

The most powerful of them all is her estranged husband and head of the Russian mob. Sergei isn't used to being stolen from or rejected. Sloane has done both. Will she be able to escape his clutches? Will the man he hired to capture her let her go or turn her over?
It seems bleak, but Sloane can be very persuasive and she will use any trick of the trade to get away. (pun totally intended)
If you like an erotic story that will not only turn you on, but also has characters that will entertain you as well, then Russian Pawn is for you.
It gets intense, dirty and rough and Sloane gives as good as she gets. 

Got the picture? Get the book!
Just to wet your appetite, how about some

This series kicks ass and read both books in it. want more and can't wait till it comes! a must read
by cheryl palmer
I wasn't sure if I would like this book but it was a free book so I gave it a try. But it truly grabbed me from the start. I couldn't put it down. I loved the Cassandra and the story line. So much so I bought the 2nd book right after and have finished it as well. Now I will have to wait for the 3rd one to be written bummer.
by chelsea 9699

Let me ask you, if there are witches, vampires and wolves, doesn't that make you shiver?? :)
The story of "Blood and Loss" made me tremble at the very start. The way the author executed the story scene on how Cassandra's parents died. Its like i am seeing it with my own eyes. That scene captured my interest to read it nonstop. I love those characters who helped Cassandra to recover from so much pain she had experienced. I love Quintus, Lucius and Declan in many different ways.
The story is well written and it impressed me by the thorough narration and detailed description of the author in each of her characters in the story. I enjoyed reading it and ilove it.
by crisel  
After reading Blood and Loss I was left hainging for more, well, what can I say? Electa has surpassed herself with this riveting follow up. Not only has she managed to keep the story going from the part one, filling you with the pain of Cass losing Declan and feeling everything was her fault, the strange Quintus who seems the perfect gentelman, only to discover he can be quite the oposite and as for Lucius, wow what a character change there? He was so kind before the attack and the shell that's left breaks your heart because you adore him. You get glimpses of his former self, and you find yourslef pleading for him to come back. Electa has introduced new characters which are dreamy and exciting. Mainly Dominick the lone wolf, Declan's brother and Killian the naughty vampire that you can't help but fall in love with. With enthralling love scenes that made me blush and heart pounding moments which only added to the story. All while be taken to world beyond your wildest. It is excellently written and a joy to read, my only complaint is it ended so open, but can't wait for part three.

I have done nothing at all today, I read this book instead of cooking lunch and doing housework, and you know what I do not feel the slightest bit guilty.